Stories From a BookShelf

In among the second hand literary classics on my bookshelf such as Dickens, King and Pratchet; as well as the occasional non fiction book on philosophy and modern subcultures sit’s a collection of brightly colored visual novels. These are a small part of my yaoi manga collection. All these books help shaped my views on the world over the years as well as taught me much about others and myself.

The collection of books does not grow as often as it once did (and truth be told they are not all display here, two plastic boxes sit outside in the shed maybe three I forget how many are out there filled to the brim with even more books). As we grow older it seems we might earn more money than in our younger years; but there is less money for hobbies these days. Evidence of new hobbies scatter the shelf a collection of G4 My little Pony toys and the occasional Pop Vinyl. A personal favorite being a John Hancock one, won on a night out in Fremantle a few years ago now.

An omnibus copy of Watchmen picked up after seeing the movie, a hardcover Deadpool comic given as a birthday present from a dear friend who get’s my twisted sense of humor and of course a much read and treasured hardcover copy of The Killing Joke, the beginning of my love as an adult of the Joker as a character. There also sits an unfinished collection of omnibus volumes of the Battle Royale manga, need to finish that collection one day. Lastly a copy of the Covenant of Primus; a tie in almost encyclopedia like novel that falls within the aligned continuity of Transformers that covers the history of the Primes. An awesome read for any Transformers fan, even if in my opinion the whole aligned continuity is nothing more than a pipe dream at this point.

Atop the shelf sits more ponies at the back a collection of a certain six ponies that were all a gift from the one that holds my heart close to his. A money box shaped like a red double decker  bus a London icon my mother found at store and bought for me as a gift, like a sign from her that she accepts my long time long distance relationship that still holds my heart, tight and safe.

A small collection of exactly three anime figurines also sit there. A knockoff Kowaru Nagisa figure picked up at a market for cheap that cannot even stand on it’s own. A pretty anime girl figure hiding an obvious secret when you see the stand is shaped like a male symbol. With those flowing lavender locks it’s none other than Jun Watarase from Happiness! My all time favorite trap. He was my first official figure purchase so many years ago the store I bought it at has moved locations twice since then and changed it’s name just as many times. It brings back memories of spending nearly every Sunday at one point in the city of Perth, myself from back then would get lost in the city now. So much has changed since then and is still changing all around me.

The last figurine is of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from Tiger and Bunny an anime I really should watch again. He looks so cool in his street attire you would not think someone so well put together could at times be such a lovable idiot, but then I remember the same could be said about my best friend at times.

These are just some of the stories and memories of my bookshelf, what does your book shelf say about you?


2 thoughts on “Stories From a BookShelf

  1. My bookshelves say I don’t have enough room for my books anymore. Or at least the piles of books on the floor beside the bookshelves declare that loudly. Second hand and online book sales are a killer.


  2. my shelves say i need more space

    i have two shelves about some 4.5 feet tall and on top of them i have books stacked to my ceiling! (all of them manga). also all my books are separated: yaoi shelf, reg manga shelves, and novel shelves (though the yaoi manga have been invading my reg manga shelves bc i have no more space XD) as for decorations, i don’t have many. most of what’s crammed between shelves are even more books :”D


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