Fanfiction Rec 13: Memories of You

I really wish there were more yaoi fans in the Fallout 4 community. Fallout 4 is by far my favorite game for the PS4. Don’t get me wrong I loved Final Fantasy 15, I really did but there is just something about Fallout 4 that pulls me in more. I honestly think it is the characters.

tumblr_o25rzwyrgu1th111po2_r1_500To any other yaoi fans out there that play Fallout 4, I’m not the only one that ships Vadim and Travis right? One of these days I’m going to write a fanfiction about those two. There is some obvious chemistry between the two of them, that’s my theory as to the real reason Vadim could not set Scarlet up with Travis and why it did not last.

Then there is John Hancock. He is probably my all-time favorite video game character at this point, what can I say this girl fell for that charismatic ghoul, today’s fanfiction rec is not about Hancock, Vadim or Travis however.

Unlike many of my other recommendations, this fic is a short one that tugs at the hearts strings of every fan of a certain synth detective and a male sole survivor with a different backstory to the one seen in the game.

641134186b2204abb538673c5f60de2fMemories of You comes to us from Casey_Wolfe over on Archive of Our Own, my personal favorite fanfiction site at the moment and tells an AU story that does not involve Nora or Shaun. Our vault dweller has a past with the original Nick Valentine and through the course of this fic we find out what the two meant to each other in the past.

I have to say this story is a must-read for any yaoi fan of Fallout 4, even if it is just a fluffy story with nothing kinky at all.

This is a beautiful, heartfelt story that makes me really wish I could romance Nick, well at least I can still pair Danse with my male vault dweller Aries.  (I know there is a mod to romance Nick, but I don’t like playing with Mods)


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