Fujoshi Comedy Gold – Butter Lover

Go watch Butter Lover before reading this post, trust me you will love it, then come back and read my thoughts on it!

15535211_356068024779732_5437645441044840448_nAs many of us most often do, in moments of boredom I browse YouTube. In one such browsing, I was rewatching some old animations on there that I have enjoyed frequently over the years. Welcome to Hell by Erica Wester and Timber by Vivziepop being ones I watch quite often because I know they will put a smile on my face. They are both short and fun animations. Then ‘Butter Lovers’ came up in the recommendations.

I had seen it mentioned before on Twitter as well but never got around to watching it. I so wish I had watched this animation earlier because for me this is comedy gold!!!

It all starts quite arbitrary with the sale of a single stick of butter to a customer with a mohawk, nothing special there at all.

But then the customer returns, again and again, wanting more butter and that is where the genius of the comedy of this story lies. It gives you very little information on what is happening with the butter, only that the mohawk guy is very excited about it.

5d19c6080c1397436401255059456_5d8d834ee3d-37-0-4c2a6651-514e-41e9-a45a-eed952b6da1d-mp4Curiosity makes the mind wander and when you have the mind of a fujoshi well, our minds can at times (ok a lot of the time when two males are involved) any yaoi fan will know of a ‘different’ use for butter other than ‘baking’. Your mind will go there and I get the feeling the creator knew this because the tension build up to the reveal (which I refuse to spoil) will leave you losing it laughing I promise you.

Plus if you wait till after the credits have rolled, there is a little extra that makes this short film worth it for a fujoshi and you know what? Even I ship it.

Would you like more blog posts about original animations on YouTube that fujoshis will like? If so let me know in the comments below.



One thought on “Fujoshi Comedy Gold – Butter Lover

  1. Interesting, you’ve made me intrigued. I’ll write those three on my list to check out, this looks like it’ll be fun 👌👌


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