What I’ve been Watching in March!!

To say that my experience with reliable internet has been torture since the move last year would be a joke. I really do not know what was worse, the constant cut outs, the snail pace speed that rarely got above 6Mbps or my brothers constant complaining when he kept trying to play games online at that speed. Basically what this means is that up until recently I have been jumping through hoops to watch anime, even if that meant while Yuri on Ice was airing… I was staying up till 2am in the morning to watch it when the internet use to peak at 14M bps.

Now we have NBN internet which is this new internet the government has been rolling out over here in Australia and my speeds sit roughly between 25Mbps and 55Mbps, so I’ve been binge watching a lot of anime.

a18734-2055635283-1482315052Anime such as the hilarious Akiba’s Trip the animation which I have been looking forward to ever since the anime was announced a couple of months after my review of the second game. It has been a blast to watch though I must admit I have fallen behind and plan to catch up real soon, whether this can stand alone as an adaptation I’m honestly not sure yet, but a rewatch in the future will answer that.

As a good fujoshi I have of course also been keeping up with Super Lovers season 2 and… well let’s just say reader I am in need of giving this series another review after the completion of season 2 as there are subject matters within this anime I really would like to have an open discussion about.

Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga has been a stand out favorite for me this season and each episode has left me on the edge of my seat and has inspired me to review not only this new season but the first season as well in the near future. This series relight the flame of passion inside me I once had for shounen anime and is probably why I have found myself in moments of boredom watching random clips from Naruto on YouTube.

I have yet to finish Interviews with Monster Girls and I went into this series not expecting much and have been enjoying a slow and comfy ride with this series. As for Chaos; Child, I came to the decision early on that I would wait until the series came to an end and then binge it in one sitting, something I do quite often with mystery series with an over arching story.

a18807-3379006205-1481158128I went into Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid with little expectations but found myself bored halfway through the second episode and ended up dropping it. Masamune-kun’s Revenge intrigued me with it’s premise but I quickly became jaded and disappointed with it, as it turned out for me at least to be another dime a dozen predictable romantic comedy of an anime. I did not even make it to the end of the first episode of elDLIVE before I said a great big nope and stopped watching and the same can be said for Fuuka. Both of these animes I went in with zero expectation and came out feeling the same.

One anime that did disappoint me greatly was Hand Shakers. I am a huge fan of the art style and story of K Project and was looking forward to see what would come out of GoHands next… so much disappointment.

Of course that was not all I’ve watched this month! To those of you who follow me on Twitter you will already know that I have finally sat down and watched Cheer Boys!! A sports anime about an all male cheer leading team. I love sports anime, but I think most fujoshi do at this point and this series was definitely a different take on the sports anime formula and it has been a blast to watch, I have even had moments where I am sitting on my bed cheering along with the boys, or cheering them on and don’t get me started on what an ear worm that opening theme is. This anime has become a favorite of mine and the story behind the anime itself is pretty cool as well.


I’ve also finally sat down and started watching Konosuba. Yes I know it was a big hit last year but at the time it did not appeal to me, but with how popular it has become, much like Sword Art Online when it first became big I decided to sit down and watch it. Unlike when I sat down and watched Sword Art Online however I have fallen in love with Konosuba and I love Aqua, which surprises me because she is the kind of character I usually hate but in this setting her characteristics don’t bug me. Actually now that I think about it, I have found all the characters very enjoyable.


 I also tried once again to watch Re:Zero and found myself bored by episode three so I am going to say it’s a permanent drop for me. I also watched all of Kiss Him, Not Me and Sekko Boys this month and these anime have been added to the ‘to review’ list which is quickly growing and another anime I have watched but am not sure if I will review it or not is Cuticle Detective, which was strange to say the least.

Also ended up  after a long time rewatching an old anime favorite of mine I finally found after the move from from the old house last year within my dvd collection; Interstella 5555: The Story of the Secret Solar System. This awesome movie is set to Daft Punks Discovery album with no character dialogue and is one of my all time favorite anime movies. I suppose I am biased being a big Daft Punk fan but if you love their music from the early 2000, you will love this movie.

That’s about it for this month, were there any stand out animes this season for you that you think I should give a go? Let me know in the comments below.


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