Spring 2017 Anime Season: What I’m planning to watch!

Well I cannot say I am surprised by this fact, but it seems the one anime I am looking forward to in the coming season is the one series I have seen absolutely no-one except anime news sites write or talk about. That being said I will get to that series, but firstly I want to get the two obvious sequals coming out next season that I will definitely be watching next season.


My Hero Academia 2 and Attack on Titan Season 2, bot of which I am stocked for especially Attack on Titan. I am one of those fans who has waited patiently through spin offs and have avoided reading the manga (mostly for cost reasons) and the trailers have me hyped. I don’t have a premium account on any of my anime streaming services so this is going to make avoiding spoilers each week hard like it was with Yuri on Ice, but I will still enjoy both these anime I think.

84560One anime that instantly caught my attention when it was announced was Atom: The Beginning. I have been a big fan of Astro Boy as well as many other of Osamu Tezuka’s work ever since I was a child. From watching the original series as a kid with that iconic theme song all the way to the series that was released in 2003 I have loved every minute of the story of this series. Plus if it had not been for the fact I have loved Astro Boy so much I never would have discovered one of my favorite manga in my early 20’s, that being BlackJack. Admittedly when it comes to BlackJack I prefer the manga over the anime adaptations though.

Another anime that has caught my interest is Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boy with a premise that has peaked my curiosity. A girl from an orphanage finding out she has a twin brother and she needs to take his place at an all boys school. This has definitely peaked my interest I must say not only on premise but the character designs I have seen for the show are also very appealing to me. Alas however I am really hoping I don’t end up as disappointed as I have been with Masamune-kun no Revenge, which was my biggest disappointment along with Hand Shakers last season.

83340The other big anime I am looking forward to this season is Warau Salesman or Laughing Salesman the original series debuted in 1989, so it’s pretty old, but this season we are getting a new season! A couple years ago my other half who knows my dark sense of humor told me about the anime and I was instantly hooked. Each episode of the show follows a travelling salesman named Fukuzou Moguro and his latest victim… I mean customer. He offers them their hearts desire with one catch, everything comes at a price. This usually ends in the customer getting what they want followed by a lesson needed and ends with our salesman laughing. Warau Salesman New has me excited for more stories and if your sense of humor is a tad on the dark side and you can laugh on the earned misfortune of others then you cannot give this one a miss.

Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni… is another title that has caught my attention because it looks as though it covers one of my favorite kind of stories, taboo love. A love story between a beautiful women and a priest, I can’t help but think of one of my favorite english yaoi mangas Lily and the Rose. Though I get the feeling this anime won’t be as saucy as the manga it makes me think of, I’m hoping for an anime with lots of melodrama with this one.

84901The last anime I am anticipating does not have much info out on it yet but, well let’s just say this is a franchise I have been a huge fan of since my childhood. I am of course talking about the new Yugioh series Yugioh! VRAINS. Yes I still watch Yugioh and thanks to Crunchyroll I have finally been able to watch the old stuff again as well as catch up with newer series in the franchise. What can I say, this yaoi fangirl is young at heart.

Now onto series that have caught my interest but I don’t know if I will watch them or not yet. Quan Zi Gao Shou is yet another anime about gaming though it does not look like it is going to go down the trap in the gaming world route that too many anime in recent years seem to do. Admittedly it is the character designs for this one that have me curious as they fall into a style that I find visually appealing.

Back in the day I was also a huge Naruto fan and though no where near into it as I used to be (even though I still have an Orochimaru plushie sitting up on my shelf) I am considering checking out Boruto: Naruto Next Generation simply for morbid curiosity to see how much the world has changed since I last saw the series.


Alice no Zoroku has an intriguing enough premise for me to be curious. A little girl with a mysterious power called ‘Alice’s Dream’ made me instantly think of one of my favorite novels with Alice in Wonderland. Whether there is any connection between the two I don’t know but I will have to wait and see if this one will catch my interest enough to watch.

83987Next comes Frame Arms Girl. It was the trailer that made me curious about this one as it kind of reminded me of two anime I have liked in the past, Angelic Layer and Medabots, a strange combination right? It’s been a while since I have gotten into a good battle anime series so I’m curious as to where this one will go.

Lastly is Kabukibu! Which is about a Kabuki Club in a high school which a student who has a passion for the art wants to start in the school. I don;t know much about Kabuki honestly but I do know it involves only male actors… so maybe I’m hoping for a little cross dressing with this one, just a bit. This is another one that is nothing more than a morbid curiosity makes me want to perhaps check it out.

 People are saying there are a lot of good anime coming out this season and I am inclined to believe that. Is there anything else coming out this Spring season that you are looking forward to that I have not mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Spring 2017 Anime Season: What I’m planning to watch!

  1. I got super pumped for My Hero Academia 2, but then realised I hadn’t watched the first season! Atom looks pretty cool ,will have to check that out. I’m really excited for this season, the Winter season was pretty disappointing :/


  2. I have to say I agree even the shows I have enjoyed for Winter have had their disappointing moments. Still have a few to finish, namely Scum’s Wish, Interviews with Monster Girls (I would have finished this one by now if I was not having so many issues with Crunchyroll at the moment) and Chaos; Child which at the beginning of the season I decided to wait till it ended to marathon it.


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