Fanfiction Rec 14: You Filthy Ghoul

According to the author Selion the fanfiction You Filthy Ghoul was inspired by a four-panel comic about a conversation between Paladin Danse and John Hancock. Now I must make a confession to you my readers, I’m not a big fan of Paladin Danse. Out of all the companions, he is my second least favorite, Piper being my least favorite. (Yes I don’t completely hate Preston Garvey and it is a shame that a game mechanics give a good character a bad rap)

That aside I have to say, You Filthy Ghoul is one of the hottest yaoi fanfics I have read in a long time. A short fanfiction with only two chapters and with just enough plot to give it more story than a porno; and no that is not a complaint. Sometimes you just want to sit down and read something smutty.

A story of hatred turned to passion and even perhaps hinted at something more by the end it is a fun little romp within the fallout universe and I must admit after reading this story I went looking for more Hancock / Danse, and I was already a Hancock fangirl but let’s face it girls, who is not a fan of everyone’s favorite mayor?

hancock danse

I am pretty sure this is the comic that inspired the writer, and I would love to know the artist behind this comic

New Edit: After being contacting by the author I have found out that yes indeed this is the comic that inspired the fanfiction!! I must admit one of my favorite parts about sharing these fanfictions on my blog, is getting the chance to… or to be more accurate having an excuse to message and talk to the authors. Stay creative my fellow yaoi fans!


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