Fanfiction Rec 15: His Music

So I have planned on writing about this amazing fanfic for a while now, but after what was released the other week; a new music video from Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz which is one hell of a trip to watch and has me wondering yet again what the video creators have been smoking and where I can get some. Now feels like as good a time as any to write this recommendation for my all time favorite Gorillaz yaoi fanfiction as well as more proof that I have been a fan of dysfunctional couples long before ‘Killing Stalking’.

There has been a long-standing yaoi community around the band for a long time now, I myself did not come into this community until around the ‘Demon Days’ era of the band which is also when I started listening to their music more and I have to tell you when I want to just sit and write, putting on a Gorillaz album makes for some awesome background ambiance. Very early on within the birth of the fans around this fandom one pairing stood out above all others and that is, of course, the pairing of Murdoc and 2D.  The release of the Gorillaz short animations known as Gorrilaz Bitez certainly helped the fandom grow around the characters that make up the band and one particular Bitez simply titled Game of Death became a favorite among the yaoi community to mess around with. These shorts helped fans connect more with the animated band and helped the fandom grow.

Things became obvious among fans about the band as they watched the shorts, namely that Murdoc was most certainly an asshole to his bandmates and that 2D was the resident punching bag. These themes would be explored within the fandom through fanfiction and artwork throughout the years. Many times with Murdoc being portrayed as an abuser and 2D the victim in the relationship. That being said fics for the two do not always end this way. Many popular themes went from the first meeting of the two musicians before the band to drunken nights of debauchery in the back of Murdoc’s infamous Winnebago.


His Music, however, does not cover any of these themes and takes place during ‘Plastic Beach’ when the band was living isolated on a garbage island in the middle of the ocean. Well to be more exact Murdoc, 2D and a bunch of other musicians featured on the same album were. The Plastic Beach era for the band was quite a strange one and that is saying a lot considering what else they have been up to.

The story itself focuses on 2D and his want to leave Plastic Beach but at the same time something is nagging at him not to go, Murdoc has changed and 2D is unsure of this change in his friend and longtime crush. With themes of isolation, psychological torture, and possible split personalities the story is a fascinating read. The only thing that really really holds this fic back and may make it unreadable for some is… it is unfinished, abandoned even perhaps. The story has no closure and that can be devastating for a good story that gets you hooked. It is now nothing more than an unfinished masterpiece, which if you do read the fanfiction you will realize is almost a cruel irony to go with the story within.


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