Attack on Titan S2 – First Impression

Was the wait worth it? Due to my own lack of funds since the ending of the last series I avoided reading the manga. Yes I could have like many other times have read the manga online through scanlation sites, but I must confess my readers. I only do this when there is no other way I can read a piece. If there is an English release of a manga I want to read I like to track it down, purchase it and read it in this way. It is for this reason I have been patiently waiting the return of this series in anime form.

I have sat through series ‘delays’, shitty spin offs and movies, disappointed with the lot of them waiting for the story to continue beyond the capture of Annie… the big question is, was this wait worth it?


Just like that feeling I had watching the first season all those years ago, each episode has left me on the edge of my seat. Each answered question has left more in it’s wake and with the end of each episode every cliffhanger has me feeling that beautiful frustration that comes from a story that has you hooked to come back every week. Yes I said beautiful frustration, it is a feeling of wanting more and being forced to wait, it is that feeling of knowing there will eventually be a pay off and that all your waiting will be rewarded.

Though I wish I did not have to wait this long for the series to return, I am so happy it has returned, so many anime have had frustrating endings that leave you wanting so much more and Attack on Titan could have easily become one of these series. I don’t care that I had to wait so long for the return and am just happy to see it back!


Also Hanji is best character!!!

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2 thoughts on “Attack on Titan S2 – First Impression

  1. I’ll be curious to see if your enthusiasm continues. I was a fan of the manga…. until I wasn’t. (I actually rage quit about a month ago.) If they follow the story faithfully, I’ll be curious to know your reaction to it.


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