Quan Zhi Gao Shou / The King’s Avatar – First Impression

Going into this one I must admit, my first thought was the following – Oh god not another trapped in a video game anime. Of course, I now see the idiot I am for thinking that now that I have seen the beginning of the series but you must admit these days when the term video game is mentioned in the synopsis of a series you instantly think of this cliche.

Unlike the high hopes, I had for Kabukibu! I went into Quan Zhi Gao Shou not really knowing what to expect. This is my first time ever watching an anime from China and I must admit it took a bit of getting used to the difference the series had from anything else I have watched. The subtitles for examples flashed past at a much faster rate than I am used to from watching anything else, so I ended up watching the first episode a total of three times just to make sure I did not miss anything.

Can I also just say this is the video game based type of story I have been looking for for so long!!! The competitive nature of esports, the real feel of an online MMORPG unlike another anime I will not mention in the same breath as this series and the main character, he is what has won me over the most with this series. Too often in these kinds of series, the main character is just some mary sue overpowered player in the game.

Xiu Ye is overpowered as a player but that being said he has his own issues inside the game as well as offline. Showing what players are like offline, such as the social awkwardness yet slight arrogance of our main character to the over emotional state of his new boss, I find myself coming back every week to watch this series and it is a definite contender for my favorite show this season!



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