Laughing Salesman New – First Impressions

Every kind of animated series these days seems to have an over arching plot. From animation in the west like My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, South Park and Adventure Time to the latest anime epic. I must admit I find myself missing the episodic format of entertainment from my childhood. Maybe that is why every so often I pull out a dvd copy of Undergrads or Aaagh! It’s The Mr Hell Show and just sit back and giggle without needing to follow some sort of over arching plot that I need to watch every episode in chronological order to fully understand.

It was for this reason that I found myself ecstatic that a classic lesser known anime from the past was getting a new season.  I discovered the original Laughing Salesman a few years back when my wonderful other half suggested it to me, after all he knows my slightly twisted sense of humor so well. I love and adore the original series of Laughing Salesman. The older art style of the series reminded me of when I was reading Black Jack back in my early twenties and the twisted morals at the end of each episode reminded me of a twisted version of those childhood cartoons with a moral at the end of every episode.

Our title character, the laughing salesman himself Mugoro – well I think it may be an obvious statement is not exactly human but does enjoy humans. Each episode is split into two separate tales of the salesman helping the client. An over arching theme I have seen throughout the original series and this new one is this simple message; if it seems too good to be true it most likely is. Do not push your luck with the salesman because if you do it will be bad for you and hilarious for the audience.

One thing I have picked up from the new season is that this is indeed a completely new remake of the original series as I have already noticed one recycled plot from the original series. I won’t give away which one in case anyone who has been watching the new series wants to track down and watch the original. (though not on any legal streaming sites sadly with a little digging it can be found online) The opening theme ‘Don’t’ is also my favorite anime opening this season and is such an ear worm that I find myself humming the tune to myself hours after watching the latest episode.

One thing that does disappoint me about this series is that I don’t see that many anime fans writing or talking about this little hidden gem this season. So far I have only seen it mentioned on one of the anime blogs I follow and have seen hardly any online discussion for this series. The lessons within this series can open up so many discussions on morality as well as good story telling and I find myself disappointed I cannot really talk with anyone about this series. I hope my post here however encourages more anime fans to give this series a serious shot.

Also this will be the last of my first impressions, there will be no post on Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine as I feel I would not say anything different to the other first impressions of the show I have already read and really all I would be doing is mostly repeating my reaction to Kabukibu!

What anime are you loving the most this season? For me it goes to My Hero Academia and The King’s Avatar and tied in third with Attack on Titan and Laughing Salesman.

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5 thoughts on “Laughing Salesman New – First Impressions

  1. I watch and really enjoy this show. I wasn’t too sure at 1st when I came out cause of the artwork, but after 4 episode I guess I got used to it. As for the other anime I watch this season, there is Attack on Titan, Armed Girls Machiavellisme and The world of Yamizukan.

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