Fanfiction Rec 16 – Mistakes


One moment of weakness, a single mistake snowballs into a flurry of emotions that could break Misaki and Usagi’s world forever, that is how I can best describe the fanfiction Mistake by DandereDaisy over on

A Call to All Anime Bloggers


I’m going to go off topic for Junjou June for this one post, because there is something I want to say about recent events. I must admit I am writing this while sitting in front of my T.V in Australia watching the One Love Manchester concert once again. I say one again because I had a hard nights sleep last night and woke up early enough to catch some of it live streaming on twitter, I also apologize for any grammar mistakes in this post but this is me once again pouring my emotions into this keyboard.

What has been happening in England for the last few years has been absolutely terrifying for me, because my greatest love in this world, my other half lives in England. This Aussie Anime Blogger is in love with the most wonderful British man and every time another attack happens over there my heart clenches so tight until I find out it was either no where near him or I get a message from him saying he is safe. Things in this world have even gotten  to the point where if I got the money tomorrow to be by his side my mother has told me she will fight tooth and nail to keep me here in Australia.

This world is turning very much to hell on earth and it just seems to be getting worse and worse, maybe that is why I focus so much on fiction in my hobbies whether that be video games, books, movies or anime. I must confess I was actually considering putting the rest of Junjou June on hiatus due to recent events to sort out my own feelings, but after much thinking I have to say I will not be doing that and Junjou June will be going forward for the following reason.

Yaoi is Love! 

Yuri is Love!

Anime is Love!

There is so much love and passion in the boys love and anime fandoms, because let’s face it us fujoshi and fudanshi alike are passionate people. I want to believe that love can make a difference to all the hate in this world and perhaps even beat hate one day. I would love to see all of us anibloggers whether they be yaoi fans or not make a statement to the world that love beats hate and that those with a voice will speak out for a better world. I’m not looking to change the world, I just want to feel safe in this world and not in the whole SJW politically correct ways, I’m talking about us all being safe to go out and not fear a terrorist attack in our own backyard.

One other thing I want to say before finishing this post, please do not hate all Muslims for the acts of a few extremists at the end of the day we are all people who deserve to live safe, all of us not just a select few.