Fanfiction Rec 16 – Mistakes

One moment of weakness, a single mistake snowballs into a flurry of emotions that could break Misaki and Usagi’s world forever, that is how I can best describe the fanfiction Mistake by DandereDaisy over on

There was no way I was going to go through a month dedicated to this franchise and not mention a fanfiction, the only question is what fanfiction was I going to share as there are so many brilliant fanfictions and fanfiction communities surrounding Junjou Romantica. My next thought was I am definitely eliminating anything that is a crossover with Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, but I will get to one of those eventually. Then I remembered this fanfiction that I have been following for just over six months now.

A mistake is something that can dramatically upset the status quo of everything around it, especially so when it is an unforgivable mistake and that is what this story delves into. Granted ‘Mistake’ is not a light read, it is already fifty-five chapters in and has been a brilliant read so far that has more twists in it than the latest episode of Bold and the Beautiful, just when you think the status quo is about to be repaired, BAM! In walks another sharp turn that almost takes either Misaki or Usagi careening off the cliff.

If you are a fan of fanfiction with a heavy dose of daytime soap level melodrama I cannot recommend this fanfiction enough, just be warned if you ship Usagi and Misaki hard, you are going to tear up with this one.


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