Orenchi no Furo Jijou – Anime Review

From the monster girls in Monster Musume and Interviews with Monster girls to the more recent Centaur no Nayami which is currently airing this anime season, there has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of anime involving demi-human characters and the genres of yaoi and boys love is of no exception to this growing trend. From looking … Continue reading Orenchi no Furo Jijou – Anime Review


First Impression – Hitorijime My Hero

I was considering not doing any first impressions this season and just focusing on more reviews but then I watched the third episode of this new boys love anime and I found myself crying tears of joy. Hitorijime My Hero is the kind of boys love anime I have been waiting so long to watch … Continue reading First Impression – Hitorijime My Hero

Is Boku no Pico an Allegory on Child Sexual Abuse?

Throughout this post there will be several hyperlinks within the text, these links will lead to further information about the subjects discussed in this post. I have done this because many of the themes discussed within this post are of a difficult nature to write and talk about, that being child sexual abuse. This will … Continue reading Is Boku no Pico an Allegory on Child Sexual Abuse?