July Update

It’s been a while has it not my followers? Mistress of Yaoi here with a new update for Yaoi Playground in the month on July of 2017 and my god can i just say this year is going by like a blur it really is I mean we are past the half way point of the year.

Now before I start if you follow me on twitter none of the news I am sharing will be new to you but to those who are not a few updates are needed. Don’t worry last week’s manga review – Kotetsu Dining – Yaoi Manga Review will not be the last review this month it is just that the next review I am working on is something big and very controversial in not only the yaoi fandom but the anime fandom.

I am tackling Boku no Pico for my next review, but this will not be a normal review. I will state this now however, it will be a serious review of the OVA series and it is because of this why it is taking me longer than expected to finish the review. There has been many a reaction and a meme of this anime out there, but I have yet to see a serious review of this anime so I decided to tackle this task, it also does not help that for the last week I have been stuck in bed sick.

On the plus side of being sick and finally getting my PS4 back after some much needed repairs I have finally begun playing Trigger Happy Havoc Danganronpa the first of the two Danganronpa games I now own thanks to my wonderful other half. I have shared some of my… progress of this game over on twitter and can I just say this game is such a treat for the inner fujoshi….


Needless to say my fellow yaoi fans, I need more of this beautiful bromance in my life. Now if you don’t mind I need to find some ‘artwork’ of these two lovelies, till next time yaoi fans!



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