The Tyrant Falls in Love – Boys Love Classic Review… Fuck it this is a Rant

This is a comedy story…Fuck me…

Let’s see we have a character getting a hold of what can only be described as a date rape drug, another character ‘accidentally’ drinking said drug and then that character is pretty much raped. Oh but it’s ok because he is a homophobe who will fall in love with his rapist afterward. I defend the yaoi and boys love genre a lot with other anime fans but then an anime or manga like this one comes along and I just cannot defend this one I can not!


Rape does not equal romance, Dammit!

This is the one trope in yaoi I HATE MOST!!! As I stated in my review for Killing Stalking I’m not against the subjects of rape and abuse being in a story. But there need to be consequences for these actions, the status quo cannot just simply be reset or made into a happy ending afterward. That being said there is a review for one, yes one yaoi anime that does do the rape then romance storyline right. Yes, it can be done right… the punch line of a comedy anime is not the right way for it to be done!

c0fb7fc54ae486ac5ddd02f369464d7b1416019644_fullBased on the manga of the same name, The Tyrant Falls in Love is a sequel / spin-off of another manga by the same author and I find myself really wishing they had made an anime of the previous manga ‘Challenges’ which tells the story of a young mans first love. Instead, we get the sexual assault of his homophobic older brother, by the way making the victim a homophobe really does not make the story any better. In the manga at least it goes into why the upperclassman is homophobic and though I hate to write this, it is almost understandable given his past.

The whole time I’m sitting there watching this anime, I cannot help but wish they had mad an anime of the previous story. The only reason I can think that they would choose to animate this one over the other one is that of how cliche the previous manga’s storyline. It is because however of anime and manga’s like this one that yaoi is seen as fetishizing the act of rape. I’m not saying get rid of it from media but for fuck sake, consequences for actions! That is just what pisses me off to no end with stories like this one, it’s like you raped me I hate you… oh you love me ok… no, it is not fucking ok…. damn this fucking anime and manga!


Well, this review…. nope it’s more a rant, isn’t it? Well, then we will be back to our regular calm reviews next week. Have you ever watched an anime or read a manga with a plot so infuriating it just pissed you off? Let me know below in the comments and let’s have a laugh about them together, shall we?



15 thoughts on “The Tyrant Falls in Love – Boys Love Classic Review… Fuck it this is a Rant

  1. I’ve watched this & I can’t count how many times I cringed or had to pause. However, I do find the characters pleasing in appearance & the overall art bright. But yeah, the drug thing & just taking advantage of someone while they’re under the influence & can’t really defend themselves properly is just unacceptable. But I do like the other couple.

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