Mistress of Yaoi’s Top 5 Hottest DILFs in Anime

I know I said there would be no review today, but I figured being Father’s Day I should post something, I mean I could have gone all meta and perhaps reviewed Papa to Kiss in the Dark… but that will be a review for another time. So instead I give you my completely bias and opinion oriented list of the hottest DILFs in anime, just for fun! Oh and they don’t have to be good father’s I just have to find them hot!

tumblr_nk3ghzYTOM1t30crfo4_12805. Gakuho Asano


mr-_family-_man4. Maes Hughs


OldJosephAnime3. Joseph Joestar (and yes I find him hotter as an old man… you might be noticing a theme with this list)


get2. Jouichiro Yukihara


commie-tiger-bunny-09-a748d7d6-mkv_snapshot_06-12_2011-06-25_12-57-071. Kotetsu Kaburagi


4 thoughts on “Mistress of Yaoi’s Top 5 Hottest DILFs in Anime

  1. Ohoho, hot Daddies abound in this list, you have good taste~
    There’s some hot men that don’t have kids that are older that it’s a pity we can’t add them to this list too 👀👀


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