Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc – Spoiler Free Game Review

Trapped in a deadly game of hope and despair fifteen of the brightest students of the nation are trapped in Hope’s Peak Academy with only one way out. They must kill a fellow classmate and get away with murder, if they cannot get away with murder then for punishment they themselves will be killed and so begins the deadly game.


The first visual novel I have played in a long time was one hell of a ride. Like all visual novels, this game was very dialogue heavy but the conversations and puzzles found within were just so exciting that it never gets boring… for the most part. There are some parts within the story that seems to really drag on but that can come down to the gameplay style of a visual novel.

Gameplay is divided into three different sections. These being school life, body discovery and investigation and then finally the class trial. Each is very self-explanatory and I found myself enjoying all parts for the most part. School life which is where I spent most of my game time has you interacting with your fellow students and with all their different personalities it was easy to find characters I loved and those I found hating. This emotional connection to the characters made sections like the body discovery and trials have quite the stab in the heart, I won’t spoil any of that for you but just don’t get too emotionally attached though it can be hard with how endearing some of the characters are.


If you are already a fan of visual novels (and let’s face it most fujoshi are) then this is a game you need to check out! There is so much I would love to write about this game and franchise especially with the newest game coming out next month for Australia. So throughout the rest of this month, all the posts will be Danganronpa related! That being said I must warn many of these posts will contain spoilers and being a mystery game it is best to go in spoiler free. To those who are fellow fans let us enjoy both despairs and hope together this month!!!

Who is your favorite character in the first Danganronpa game? For me, I must confess that goes to the nerdy Hifumi!




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