6 Supernatural Anime For Fujoshi this Spooky Season!

Looking for something to sink those fujoshi teeth into this spooky season? Well I think Mistress of Yaoi has just the list for you and guess what? It’s this list! Now there sadly are not that many yaoi or boys love anime that could be called horror, but there are a few anime series with supernatural elements that will make your yaoi loving heart swoon I can assure you!

1. Kuroshitsuji


Why not go back to where the tale of a young boy and his demon of butler all started with the original series of Kuroshitsuji? This anime is a classic for many a fujoshi and though technically not a boys love or yaoi series, there is certainly enough fanservice here to enjoy.

A crime drama at it’s core that delves into the supernatural if you have not already checked out this series then shame on you because it is one anime that should be on the bucket list of any fujoshi or fudanshi.

2. Supernatural the Animation


Did you know the tv show Supernatural has an anime adaptation? Well it does and if you love the live action series you will love this 22 episode series and the best part you don’t have to watch the original series to enjoy this one!

3. Kimera


Now for a vampire boys love anime worth checking out! Kimera is a strange anime in the boys love genre because it plays with your expectations when it comes to gender which is why it can be decisive among yaoi fans. A mysterious vampire encased in a pod, a cereal salesman and a crooked scientists are just some of the interesting characters you will find in this OVA, plus the ending scene to the anime seems eerily similar to a Hollywood movie about a killer robot from the future.

4. Mirage of Blaze


Takaya Ougi just wants to be a normal high schooler and to protect those precious to him. Especially his best friend. Things become complicated however when he finds out that he is the reincarnation of a Feudal Lord from the past and now he must fight off evil spirits and complications from his past reincarnations relationship with Nobutsuna Naoe. This series is a melodramatic boys love classic that is another series I really need to get around to reviewing. One thing I will warn you before going into to watch this one, it has one hell of an awesome opening theme that will get stuck in your head!

5. Vassalord


A cyborg vampire that does the Vatican’s dirty work and only feeds off an eccentric vampire play boy, Vassalord is sadly one of those yaoi anime that is not the best adaptation of the source material. But there are some very nice vampire fan service throughout this OVA and if it leaves you curious to find out more about these characters the manga is easy to track down.

6. Yami no Matsuei


An anime that on the surface feels like a light hearted comedy about shinigami who work more like police officers and pencil pushers, there is something darker under the surface of this series from 2000. The shinigami in this series end up fighting demons, curses and even a serial killer that is definitely hiding something. If I was to recommend one anime to marathon over Halloween for a fujoshi or fudanshi it would be this one!

Are there any super natural anime you enjoy watching at this time of the year? Let me know down below in the comments!




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