What I’m Watching Fall 2017

A new anime season has begun and damn this year is just flying by!!! I was not really sure what I was going to watch this season with the exception of three anime, but after spending Saturday morning checking out a few other shows I have a list of what I am following this season!



Mahoutsukai No Yome

I like many have been excited for this series for months! I got hooked on the world of this series months ago when I saw the first of the three prequel OVA’s that were released. After watching the first ep of this one I can say this tale has been so worth the wait. It tells the story of young Chise a girl with nothing who has been taken in by a strange man who has announced that she is to be his apprentice in magic and his future bride. I cannot wait to see where this story will take us and I am already in love Ainsworth!


Taishou Chiichai-San

Hiiragi Kyouichirou is a boy who travels from his provincial town to Tokyo to attend university. He carries with him his family’s sword to protect himself. When he arrives in Tokyo, he becomes swept up in a plot by the Imperial army. – Synopsis from MAL

I don’t really know much going into this short form anime. Only that it is based on a boys love visual novel which was enough reason for me to give the anime a looksie. The first episode was very adorable with the main character turning into a chibi version of himself and I am looking forward to seeing where this show will go.


Imouto Sai Ireba Ii

I blame for Oriemo for starting this trend with me, but I find a lot of laughter and enjoyment with anime with characters with sister complex’s. So when I heard about this upcoming series I know I had to watch it. And I lost it laughing with how trashy the first episode was. I might be a hardcore fujoshi who loves all kinds of boys love and yaoi but anime about siscons is a guilty pleasure of mine…


Tsukipro The Animation

The more I look into this series the more I find myself wondering what have I gotten myself into. This anime is about a talent agency known as Tsukipro and with everything I have looked at and I think they are a real agency that promotes 2.5D bands, but that just gave me more questions than answers. The anime itself feels like pure fujoshi bait with it’s cast of color co-ordinated hotties and the mix of 2-D and 3-D computer animation can go from looking gorgeous in some scenes to… that uncanny valley feeling 3-D can have. But the characters are interesting enough for me to continue watching this one for the time being, if I drop anything later on from this post it will probably be this one.


Recovery of an MMO Junkie

A few months ago I fell in love with the Chinese animeĀ The King’s Avatar, a series that explored the world of competitive online gaming and esports. Though this anime does not go down that path exactly I love anime about people getting absorbed into an obsession and when I read that this anime like King’s Avatar was going to explore the player behind the character and not just the game, well I was intrigued. This is another series I look forward to seeing where it will go.


Well those are the anime I have checked out so far this season and decided to continue watching. I still have a few more to check out and will probably post a part 2 to this list later on this week! What anime are you watching this season? Was there anything you were hyped for? Let me know in the comments below!

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