Lezhin Releases Killing Stalking Trailer And It Is Terrifying


Imagine my surprise in coming home from my volunteer work this afternoon and finding this within my YouTube subs…

Now I have seen a lot of Killing Stalking videos around YouTube. From cosplay videos to AMV’s. Each of them were creepy in there own way because this is Killing Stalking, but this trailer…. Damn this gave me chills as I sat and watched it. Opening with Bum’s obsession with Sangwoo it tilts the creep factor up to fool as you are shown glimpses of the madness in that house and how much Bum wants to escape this madness. To those who have already read the story we know where this all leads to, but to newcomers well you may be given enough glimpses of madness to chase that white rabbit down the hole that is Killing Stalking.

Pride and Tolerance through Diplomacy|OWLS ‘Diplomacy’

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Welcome to my first ever post as part of the OWLS blog Tour, before I start this post I would like to explain to my followers who are not familiar with OWLS as to what it is. OWLS stands for Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect. It is a group of bloggers that work to promote acceptance of all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability. I myself decided to become a part of this group because acceptance is something I like to promote through Yaoi Playground and to those who are following along this blog tour I hope you enjoyed Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews post as much as I did.

This Months topic for discussion is Diplomacy

“Whenever we have a disagreement with someone, we use our words to express our thoughts and opinions. However, there are those who would rather use fists instead of words, those who forget that being “right” isn’t the most important thing, and those who lose sight of compromising and acknowledging differences in opinion and belief. Diplomacy is an important skill and tactic that not many of us have or are able to utilize properly especially in “social media wars” for sensitive issues and anime discourse—we just express our opinions without really listening. For this month’s prompt, we will be exploring some of the best negotiations scenes in pop culture media and discuss how effective these diplomatic moments are and what we can learn from them. We will also discuss why communication and listening are important traits to have and whether or not there are other means to enforce peace.”

The beginning of tolerance between any group of people who think they are so different they can not get along is to not look at not what makes you different, but to take a step back and look at what you have in common. This is where the story of Pride begins to teach us the lesson of  tolerance through diplomacy. The year is 1984 and the miners of the UK are on strike fighting to keep their pits open to keep there jobs and a young gay man in London see’s them protesting on picket lines and being in his words bullied by the police and government and in that moment he realizes something amazing. Our community has a lot in common with these out of work miners. That community is the Gay and Lesbian community marching in the Gay Pride parade. In his eyes he see’s a chance to help and so he starts a group within the gay community. LGSM or Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners. They raise money to help the miners but are then met with a problem, they won’t to help but no one wants there help because they are loud, proud and gay, but by a misunderstanding over the phone a small mining village accepts their help not exactly knowing who they are.

And so begins the journey of discovery on both sides because at first it seems no one can see eye to eye. Tolerance is something we all need to learn at some point in our lives, but I sometimes wonder if a lot of people actually know what tolerance means. It is the act of tolerating the existence of opinions or behaviors that one dislikes or disagrees with. To tolerate something or someone does not mean you have to go against your beliefs or even change said beliefs it just means accepting that not everyone is the same. This is a struggle that LGSM go through throughout the movie, from the men in the small mining town not wanting to accept the help of LGSM because they do not want to be associated with ‘their type’ to down right bigotry from one council member in town who does everything in her power to not only try and turn the town against a group that just wants to help them, but goes as far as to poison her own sons with her bigotry.

So how does diplomacy fit into teaching tolerance within this movie? In many fun ways actually. One of the best examples comes early on in the movie when LGSM goes to visit Onllwyn the town they end up helping. They have trouble socializing with the locals, because everyone is weary and untrustworthy of each other. While this is happening one of the more flamboyant men in LGSM is out on the dancefloor with the town women having a blast, but then the women comment how it is rare to see a man on the dancefloor so he decides to bring a little extra fun. The scene can be seen below…

You know what this scene leads to? It leads to one of the men in town asking for dance lessons to help him be more confident with women and there it is right there. A door to diplomacy has been opened, a conversation started and the beginning of tolerance and acceptance has begun. This dance is more than a little fun for a struggling town. It’s a moment for everyone in the room to forget there troubles, forget their differences. And though the miners did not win there protests against the government, LGSM did help them survive through the protests, their donations brought the community food and dignity.

As the old saying goes as one good deed deserves another and the Welsh Miners did not forget what LGSM did for them and on June 29th, 1985 they stood up proud and marched along with LGSM right at the front of London’s Gay Pride March. They stood in solidarity with those who stood by them. But that is not all they did to help those that supported them. A year after the strike ended, a motion was tabled at the Labour Party conference to preserve gay and lesbian rights into the party’s manifesto a motion that had been raised before and had lost. This time however it passed and do you know why? This was because of a block vote from one union, The National Union of Mineworkers. This one act opened the doors in the United Kingdom for gay rights. Which just goes to show you that you can find friends and allies in the strangest of places, whether that be a gay bar in London or a mining village in Wales. We all have the power to make change in this world for the better, it just takes a little bit of Diplomacy and looking for what we have in common.

Also there is a lot more covered in this movie that I would love to cover at a later date on Yaoi Playground, these include themes of Coming Out to ones family and AIDS and what it did to the LGBT community back then and now. So you can look forward to a full review of the movie in the coming weeks on Yaoi Playground.


Next up on the blog tour we have Crimson and I look forward to reading their post!

Australia Votes Yes, So What Happens Next?


A couple months ago I made a post about the upcoming plebiscite vote that recently happened here in Australia. The post can be  found here I Support Marriage Equality, but the Plebiscite is a Waste of Time and Money! And yes you read that title right. I did and still do think that this whole thing was a waste of tax payer money. That money could have been better spent on oh i don’t know how about fixing the children’s hospital here in Western Australia that is constantly having issues or putting the funds desperately needed in mental health sector. Oddly enough once the announcement of the results were made, one celebrity response fit my views perfectly.


To those who do not know Darren Hayes was one half of the band Savage Garden a band that I myself love and adore. I still stand by my original post on this matter, the truth is that our government could have changed the law to allow gay marriage without this fault and I feel that the only reason they did not is because they are either too closed minded to make the effort to change the law or too chicken shit to make such a big change because they are scared of how those around them will act. Maybe I should have put a bad language warning on this post before starting this, I still could but I will not censor myself when it comes to this issue.

People were outed and attacked throughout this campaign on both sides of the argument. People lost there jobs for voicing there opinion, friends argued amongst themselves and my own family completely surprised me. Both my brother and father decided they did not want to take part, I know what my brother would have said if he had but when discussing the whole thing with mum she told me if he did take part dad would have said yes. The same answer came with a lot of my parents friends they all said yes and again this shocked me. I don’t know why though because I knew these people most my life. I was always scared to bring the subject up because of one bad comment I heard as a child from a family friend. I don’t remember who it was but he used that word ‘poofter’ a lot. A word i really don’t like that I hear more often than I would like to in normal conversation. But the fact that they said yes, tells me that maybe even if they use words like that in private conversations maybe as a country we are ready to move forward and before the announcement of the result was shared some changes were already happening.

Western Australia’s current Premier at the time of this post made a public apology to the Gay Community for convictions in the past for just being themselves. Australia’s treatment of  it’s homosexual citizens in the past is just as disgusting as it was in the past for many countries around the world. From formerly having a higher age of consent for sex to people being out right arrested for having consensual sex with their partner. This was more than an apology from the premier however, for the other thing that happened was that every single conviction people had in the past from being gay was expunged from the record of those who were convicted in the past!


Then it happened on the 15th of November 2017. I had over slept the morning the announcement for the plebiscite results. I was sitting in the lounge room of our family home with my mother having my morning cup of tea still not fully awake when it happened. They made the announcement that seem to just drag on and on and then it was said with a 61.6% of the to YES! I was stunned and then I started crying and I looked over at my mum and she was crying too. Though I myself am not currently in a same sex relationship, I was so happy for all my friends in the LGBTQ+ community who are and can now once the change in implemented can have the same fucking rights as any other couple.


When I was younger I learned that many of my friends might never be able to legally get married because of the marriage laws here in Australia and even as a teenager that pissed me off. In fact it pissed me off so much that I made a promise to myself. I told myself that if my friends cannot get married, then I don’t want to get married until they can as well. I told my partner this years ago and he supports my decision for this.

So what is next for Australia? Well the Prime Minister has promised a change to the law by or just after Christmas. The No campaigners have stated this is not over and that they will continue to fight for the sanctity of marriage, though if you ask me; if they want to fight for the sanctity of marriage they should be going after TV shows like Married at First Sight or The Bachelor who make a real mockery of marriage and not two people who love each other wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. The wedding planners are taking orders already for marriages and guess what else? Australia woke up the day after results and nothing changed for those in this country that identify as straight or don’t want to get gay married. Imagine that huh?


Media Blasters Announces and then Reveals Dub Cast for Ai no Kusabi 2012!

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ainokusabiI have been watching Media Blasters Twitter feed very cautiously this past week and this has been because of an announcement that has sent shock waves through the English yaoi loving community. This is because they have announced an English Dub of Ai No Kusabi 2012! A new dub is something I use to get excited for, until one dub that was so bad it almost killed an anime for me. That was the disaster of a dub that was Gravitation. Ever since then I have been cautious of dubs of series I loved when I originally watched them in Japanese.

A video sharing a clip of the voices for Iason Mink and Riki the Dark has been released on the companies twitter. It features Todd Haberkorn (Natsu from Fairy Tale and Korekiyo Shinguji from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony) and Darren Mitchell whose only anime voice credit  I could find was for this work. Casting an unknown actor in the role of one of the lead characters is an intriguing choice. In the one clip that has been shared it seems Todd Haberkorn will be an excellent choice for Iason as for Darren Mitchell, I’m not so sure just yet.

Media Blasters has also announced a release of the OVA series on Blu-ray and DVD for December 19 2017. I myself have the previously released copy of the DVD that was released under Anime Works a company that use to be part of Media Blasters that has since, well I don’t know what exactly has happened to them but they don’t seem to exist anymore. You can bet though that once I have the funds I myself will be trying to get a copy of the new DVD release even if the dub is good or not. This is because we still don’t see many yaoi titles get a release in the western market and I want to support the release of more titles like this in the future.


Forgotten Love Letter to Final Fantasy Fans – Final Fantasy Unlimited Review

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An anime originally scheduled for a two seasons which would have equaled fifty two episodes was cut short. It was planned to be a grand gesture to the fans. So what happened? The box office flop of a movie called Final Fantasy Spirits Within is said to have resulted in a major budget blow to the series and this can be seen a lot in the final five episodes of this twenty five episode anime from 2001. This is the tale of Final Fantasy Unlimited an unfortunate dark horse of potential that could not bare it’s own ambition with such a high handicap and the fans that judged it so cruelly.


Final Fantasy Unlimited is an original story with the trappings of a Final Fantasy tale. It has Chocobo, familiar monsters making appearances, summons and a mechanic genius named Cid. The story follows twin children Ai and Yuu as they travel on the mysterious ghost train from their home in the real world to the mysterious Wonderland in search of their missing parents. On their journey they meet new friends in the mysterious Lisa, who can fight monsters and dangers with her strange martial arts. Lisa becomes a sort of guardian for the children as they journey through Wonderland. Yuu upon entering Wonderland befriends a chocobo which joins them on their journey. They also meet a strange man named Kaze, who has the power to summon powerful beasts to help fight the bad guys of this world. Each time he is about to summon he must activate his weapon the Magun and each time this happens we see a sort of transformation sequence for the gun that reminded me of the kind of sequences you see in magical girl anime. This sequence happens at least once every episode and can at times feel like a Deus Ex Machina answer to when the adventurers are in a tough spot. Though it does not stay this way for long, for there are many dangers within the world of Wonderland. As they are chased through the strange world of Wonderland the travelers come across both friends and enemies. They find friends in the resistance group known as the Commodeen to the cruel Earl Tyrant and his Lords of Gaudium.

This series has so much potential which is the cruelest part of this review. For I cannot judge a series for what it could have been. To put it bluntly the series as a whole is a cluster fuck of a mess. Countless interesting story points are brought up from episode to episode and they seem really cool and where this comes in the most is with the silent hero of the series Kaze. We are given hints throughout the series that there is something more to this man and every time we get answers for him all we are left with it more questions. For viewing pleasure the series is a fun ride but if you are hoping for the deep and dramatic levels of story telling that the Final Fantasy franchise is known for you are going to be very disappointed.


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First Impression – Make Me Bark

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Sungjoon was pretty happy with his new life in the city. He has just bought his first apartment and has a job at a convenience store to cover his rent, things were looking up for him and his new life. Till one day at work he is warned by a workmate that there is a fire nearby and upon leaving work for the day he finds out that fire is at the apartment complex where is living. To make matters worse he doesn’t know anyone that well in the city… no wait that’s not true he does know one person. A rich kid he went to university with, with nowhere left to go he calls him and then things start getting weird for him.

I have been binge reading quite a few more BL manhwa on Lezhin over the last month and I was looking for other stuff to read while I have been reading Killing Stalking, which I must confess is where all my coins I purchased on the site have gone to. I have loved supporting the artist Koogi for her work on the site and have been looking for other BL titles to read and Make me Bark caught my attention for its gorgeous art style. I have so far only read the first four episodes of this story, which are the free ones available and will be most definitely be reading more of this story once I get some more coins.

21042122_136428033635739_99774452518092800_nAs a yaoi fan who enjoys stories with a touch and sometimes a bit more elements of BDSM I was intrigued by this manwha due to images I have seen floating around the net of this series, but it was very different to what I expected. I was expecting this rich friend to be some arrogant asshole looking for a roommate to have as some sort of ‘pet’ with a title like Make me Bark. What I got so far is a story about two very socially awkward young men that is escalating into something more interesting at a slow burn. There wasn’t even any action until the fourth episode. The art for this one is also very gorgeous and is something any fujoshi could fall for so I can understand why it is so popular and I am very much looking forward to seeing where this series will go and will definitely give this one a proper review once I am done.

Also, I must ask to any of you who have read further along with this story… please avoid spoilers in the comments below, please.


First Impression – Haikyuu!!

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I am beginning to believe that a certain blog group, is secretly a cult to recruit it’s members to praise and share the love of Haikyuu!! All joking on my part aside, Haikyuu!! is an anime I have put off watching for a long time. Which is strange when I think about it. Anime Youtubers and Anibloggers have sung it’s praises for years now and that might have been part of the reason I avoided it. Nearly every time I have gone into a hyped up praised anime over the last few years a lot of the time I have found myself disappointed.

It also seems a lot of the stuff I do find myself really loving there never really seems to be a big audience for it. I’m not saying I hate mainstream anime titles, but I must confess there are a lot of big name mainstream series I don’t like. Back when I was younger it was anime like Bleach and Inuyasha that all my acquaintances that watched anime were talking about. Meanwhile I found myself loving anime like Serial Experiment Lain and Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 and truth be told I don’t see too many people talking about the second, Lain seems to have a cult following on the net these days. Now it is series like Sword Art Online, Re: Zero and Erased that I find myself unable to get into, so the question is this. Have a jumped upon the band wagon that is Haikyuu!!? Or is this another popular series I will walk past and continue watching something else?


Right off the bat I can see the appeal of this series. It is a classic under dog story with an interesting twist with the character of Hinata. He is a character with the drive and the talent to take himself to the top of the sport he loves, which in the case of this series is volleyball. He just lacks two things, height and experience, both of which seem to cause many of those around him to under estimate his potential and I love characters like this! The under estimated under dog is one of my favourite kinds of characters in the sports genre of anime. Characters like Ippo in Hajime no Ippo or Kuroko from Kuroko no Basket are the kind I love because they are just so full of surprises.

I have only seen the first five episodes of this series and so far I am loving what I have seen, so I can definietely say it. Yes I am going to keep watching this series. In fact chances are that when this is posted I will watch a few more eps of this awesome sports anime and I am kicking myself for not watching this sooner!

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Yaoi Playground November Update!

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Two more months, there is just two more months this year, just wow. I have quite a few updates for you guys this month so let’s get this started!



Got some interesting offline news I would like to share with everyone. I am finally going for my drivers license! See the thing is before me and the family moved to the country town where we now live I lived in the Perth Metro area. Because of this and our location we were right in the middle of a really good public transport system. So I did not see a need to get a license. This was not the only reason why I did not get my license when I was younger but it was one of them.


Recently I took part in one of Fujinsei’s Blog Carnival. Basically this is a little blog event that happens every so often on Fujinsei’s Blog where anibloggers submit one of their posts to share with the community. The idea is to share your work with others so in sharing your own work, you are asked to read some of the other posts that other bloggers have shared. I love taking part in these little events because it has shown me many cool blogs that I now follow. At the end of the event Fujinsei selects a few to become part of the Best Post Round-Up and my post I submitted which was my post 10 Essential Boys Love and Yaoi Anime for Beginners to the Genre!! was one of the featured posts! I have been really happy with the feedback I have been getting for this post and want to thank everyone who has read it!


Upcoming Content

New To the Playground This Month!

Also right now over on Twitter I have a poll running as to which classic boys love anime you guys would like to see reviewed next on Yaoi Playground! The choices this time around are Gakuen Heaven, Level C, Seikimatsu Darling and Angel’s Feather. As of this post there are three days left to make your vote and right now it is a two horse race between Gakuen Heaven and Angel’s Feather.

In my previous poll on Twitter I asked you guys if you would like a follow up review for season 2 of Killing Stalking and it was an overwhelming yes! Good to know the popularity of this manhwa has not dropped and I have already started work on the new review and boy did things get more intense with the latest season!


Other upcoming posts this month include a review of an anime from the early 2000’s that I absolutely loved as a teenager and recently rewatched and a very special post at the end of the month. Mistress of Yaoi has joined the blogging group OWLS and I will be making my debut on the blog tour this month!

I look forward to the continued support of all my readers and followers out there, till the next post I am Mistress of Yaoi.