First Impression – Make Me Bark

Sungjoon was pretty happy with his new life in the city. He has just bought his first apartment and has a job at a convenience store to cover his rent, things were looking up for him and his new life. Till one day at work he is warned by a workmate that there is a fire nearby and upon leaving work for the day he finds out that fire is at the apartment complex where is living. To make matters worse he doesn’t know anyone that well in the city… no wait that’s not true he does know one person. A rich kid he went to university with, with nowhere left to go he calls him and then things start getting weird for him.

I have been binge reading quite a few more BL manhwa on Lezhin over the last month and I was looking for other stuff to read while I have been reading Killing Stalking, which I must confess is where all my coins I purchased on the site have gone to. I have loved supporting the artist Koogi for her work on the site and have been looking for other BL titles to read and Make me Bark caught my attention for its gorgeous art style. I have so far only read the first four episodes of this story, which are the free ones available and will be most definitely be reading more of this story once I get some more coins.

21042122_136428033635739_99774452518092800_nAs a yaoi fan who enjoys stories with a touch and sometimes a bit more elements of BDSM I was intrigued by this manwha due to images I have seen floating around the net of this series, but it was very different to what I expected. I was expecting this rich friend to be some arrogant asshole looking for a roommate to have as some sort of ‘pet’ with a title like Make me Bark. What I got so far is a story about two very socially awkward young men that is escalating into something more interesting at a slow burn. There wasn’t even any action until the fourth episode. The art for this one is also very gorgeous and is something any fujoshi could fall for so I can understand why it is so popular and I am very much looking forward to seeing where this series will go and will definitely give this one a proper review once I am done.

Also, I must ask to any of you who have read further along with this story… please avoid spoilers in the comments below, please.



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