Australia Votes Yes, So What Happens Next?

A couple months ago I made a post about the upcoming plebiscite vote that recently happened here in Australia. The post can be  found here I Support Marriage Equality, but the Plebiscite is a Waste of Time and Money! And yes you read that title right. I did and still do think that this whole thing was a waste of tax payer money. That money could have been better spent on oh i don’t know how about fixing the children’s hospital here in Western Australia that is constantly having issues or putting the funds desperately needed in mental health sector. Oddly enough once the announcement of the results were made, one celebrity response fit my views perfectly.


To those who do not know Darren Hayes was one half of the band Savage Garden a band that I myself love and adore. I still stand by my original post on this matter, the truth is that our government could have changed the law to allow gay marriage without this fault and I feel that the only reason they did not is because they are either too closed minded to make the effort to change the law or too chicken shit to make such a big change because they are scared of how those around them will act. Maybe I should have put a bad language warning on this post before starting this, I still could but I will not censor myself when it comes to this issue.

People were outed and attacked throughout this campaign on both sides of the argument. People lost there jobs for voicing there opinion, friends argued amongst themselves and my own family completely surprised me. Both my brother and father decided they did not want to take part, I know what my brother would have said if he had but when discussing the whole thing with mum she told me if he did take part dad would have said yes. The same answer came with a lot of my parents friends they all said yes and again this shocked me. I don’t know why though because I knew these people most my life. I was always scared to bring the subject up because of one bad comment I heard as a child from a family friend. I don’t remember who it was but he used that word ‘poofter’ a lot. A word i really don’t like that I hear more often than I would like to in normal conversation. But the fact that they said yes, tells me that maybe even if they use words like that in private conversations maybe as a country we are ready to move forward and before the announcement of the result was shared some changes were already happening.

Western Australia’s current Premier at the time of this post made a public apology to the Gay Community for convictions in the past for just being themselves. Australia’s treatment of  it’s homosexual citizens in the past is just as disgusting as it was in the past for many countries around the world. From formerly having a higher age of consent for sex to people being out right arrested for having consensual sex with their partner. This was more than an apology from the premier however, for the other thing that happened was that every single conviction people had in the past from being gay was expunged from the record of those who were convicted in the past!


Then it happened on the 15th of November 2017. I had over slept the morning the announcement for the plebiscite results. I was sitting in the lounge room of our family home with my mother having my morning cup of tea still not fully awake when it happened. They made the announcement that seem to just drag on and on and then it was said with a 61.6% of the to YES! I was stunned and then I started crying and I looked over at my mum and she was crying too. Though I myself am not currently in a same sex relationship, I was so happy for all my friends in the LGBTQ+ community who are and can now once the change in implemented can have the same fucking rights as any other couple.


When I was younger I learned that many of my friends might never be able to legally get married because of the marriage laws here in Australia and even as a teenager that pissed me off. In fact it pissed me off so much that I made a promise to myself. I told myself that if my friends cannot get married, then I don’t want to get married until they can as well. I told my partner this years ago and he supports my decision for this.

So what is next for Australia? Well the Prime Minister has promised a change to the law by or just after Christmas. The No campaigners have stated this is not over and that they will continue to fight for the sanctity of marriage, though if you ask me; if they want to fight for the sanctity of marriage they should be going after TV shows like Married at First Sight or The Bachelor who make a real mockery of marriage and not two people who love each other wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. The wedding planners are taking orders already for marriages and guess what else? Australia woke up the day after results and nothing changed for those in this country that identify as straight or don’t want to get gay married. Imagine that huh?


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