Lezhin Releases Killing Stalking Trailer And It Is Terrifying

Imagine my surprise in coming home from my volunteer work this afternoon and finding this within my YouTube subs…

Now I have seen a lot of Killing Stalking videos around YouTube. From cosplay videos to AMV’s. Each of them were creepy in there own way because this is Killing Stalking, but this trailer…. Damn this gave me chills as I sat and watched it. Opening with Bum’s obsession with Sangwoo it tilts the creep factor up to fool as you are shown glimpses of the madness in that house and how much Bum wants to escape this madness. To those who have already read the story we know where this all leads to, but to newcomers well you may be given enough glimpses of madness to chase that white rabbit down the hole that is Killing Stalking.


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