Wolf in the House – Manwha Review

What we want and what we get in life is constantly changing, but there are some things we find in life that we want to keep a hold of. The things we don’t want to change in life are the most precious of all and we would do anything to protect them. I started reading Wolf in the House mostly because I thought the blue-eyed guy on the cover was hot, that is what drew me in but the story I got was an amazing and emotional journey.

2018-01-13 (3).png

Don’t worry it’s not ‘that kind’ of romance

After being ghosted by his off again, on again partner of ten years Munsik on impulse upon seeing an advertisement online to foster a husky at the local shelter, but when he leaves the husky at his apartment to go buy the dog some food he returns to find a handsome man in his apartment and his dog missing! The man who shares the name of his new dog Baxon tries to convince Munisk that he is a werewolf. Human by night and a husky in the day, and so begins a story of self-acceptance, acceptance from others and the hard choices life throws at us.

One of the things I love most about this manwha as well as the characters in the world building and lore that goes into this world and one of the most amusing conversation at the beginning of the story when Baxon is trying to explain why he believes other werewolves exist where he is going ends in a hilarious punchline about of all things kangaroos.

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Wolf in the House is the first manhwa on Lezhin that has stuck with me emotionally and is the first BL story in a long time to bring a tear to my eye. If you are a fan of unconventional love stories and yaoi you are going to love this manhwa. The main pairing of Munsik and Baxon are beyond adorable whether Baxon is inhuman or dog form and as a Husky, he is downright adorable. I also really love the simple art style of the manhwa the minimal color pallet make the times where intense color is used a lot more mesmerizing, like Baxon’s beautiful blue eyes. If you need a break from the darker side of the BL on Lezhin because you have been reading Killing Stalking I would recommend giving Wolf in the House a read to balance things out with a little fluff and some really hot yaoi scenes.



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