First Impression – BJ Alex

One of the newest Manhwa to catch my attention on Lezhin Comics has been the recently released BJ Alex by Mingwa. Also BJ does not stand for blowjob my fellow yaoi lovers but Broadcast Jockey. So please get your minds out of the yaoi filled gutter for a moment, don’t worry you can jump right back in when you read this manhwa, you got Mistress of Yaoi’s promise on that one. Most famous in the west for the phenomenon known as Mok Bang there is more to the world of Broadcast Jockey’s in South Korea and it makes sense that a story about one would be told through the medium of manhwa. It’s kind of similar to seeing something very Japanese in a manga like shrine maidens.

BJ Alex tells the story of timid Dong-gyun a lonely collage student who every night at 10pm locks the door to his bedroom, grabs a box tissues and watches his favorite live cam show hosted by BJ Alex. He is in love with the BJ’s ripped body and his openess to talk about all sorts of sexual experiences with his audience, Alex has all the confidence Dong-gyun wishes he had and a chance encounter at school leads to going out to drinks and possibly finding out the true identity of the mysterious and sexy Alex. Will this creep the BJ out or will this be a meeting of fate?


So far this manhwa for me has been very sweet and seductive without coming across as sleazy which can be a nice change when reading a good yaoi story. I love slow burns and I’m kind of hoping for that with this one. The art style is also very enticing especially those piercing yellow eyes. (If my review of Wolf in the House is anything to go by you should know by now that I love character designs with intense eyes) i look forward to reading more of this manhwa and I hope this first impression has given you enough incentive to give this manhwa a go as well.

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