Those Yummy Creators at Yaoi Press Have Another Awesome Project!

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We need your support to make this game. Please become a backer on our Kickstarter or help spread the word! PLAY THE GAME DEMO HERE! Burly Bara Men + a Yaoi Sci-Fi Story = To Trust an Incubus, an uncensored adults only dating sim that puts muscly men with sexy incubi. We need more sexy […]

via To Trust an Incubus Yaoi/Bara Visual Novel — Y Press Games

This is one game I really wish I could play the demo for, but since I am using my mum’s laptop I am going to have to hold back on this one. But everything I have seen from the preview video to the artwork for this project looks even yummier than My Magical Demon Lover . I have made it no  secret that Mistress is a big fan of those delectable Bara men and for my fellow yaoi fans who love bara this is a Kickstarter you need to pay attention to.



Twitter Review Poll Results!

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I should have seen this result coming when I put this title in the poll and here are the results!


Thank you to everyone who took part in this poll and oh boy this is one I have been kind of putting off reviewing because well, Papa to Kiss in the Dark was among one of the first yaoi OVA’s I watched when I was younger and has grown into a somewhat guilty pleasure anime for this fujoshi. Hope I’m not alone in the guilty pleasure part.

New Review Poll Up On Twitter


I have posted a new poll for Yaoi Playground over on Twitter asking you my readers what boys love classic anime you would like to see next reviewed. The choices for this poll are as followed.


Papa to Kiss in the Dark


Maiden Rose





The poll will be going until this coming Saturday, I look forward to seeing what you my readers would love to see next on Yaoi Playground.



Seikimatsu Darling – Boys Love Classic Review

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What if I told you there was a boys love OVA that is a comedic deconstruction of the genre? Wait, Wait I know what your thinking. Not another anime review that calls an anime a deconstruction of the genre, well I promise I’m not writing about Madoka and this is not a dark take on a fluffy genre. This is Seikimatsu Darling, one of the funniest Boys Love animes I have ever watched.

Released in 1996 and based on the manga of the same name by Maki Naruto and produced by Seiyo Mail Service (looking into this production company all I could find out about them is that they produced this one OVA) the anime tells the story of blossoming love between two businessmen there is just one problem, their love for each other is exactly the same. One might wonder how this is could be a problem they are in love are they not? This is where the anime becomes very amusing. It’s seme vs seme who will be the first to seduce the other into becoming their uke?


There is no serious story here and that is ok because sometimes you just want to sit down and watch something light and comedic. The art style for the series could be a breaker for some anime viewers if they are not a fan of that very nineties style of character design with many of the more comedic moments the characters becoming chibified. In some anime, this can be very distracting, at times moments like these were kind of distracting with Gravitation but here it works because there is no deeper darker side to the story.


If you are looking for a BL anime that will give you a good chuckle then Seikimatsu Darling is the perfect title for you. With it’s hilarious over the top situations and sweet characters you are sure to smile with this one.


OWLS Competition Blog Tour|Pinned! A Competition of Ego

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Greetings and salutations to the next stop on this month’s OWLS Blog Tour! If you are following along this month you will see that we have been extra busy and if you are following along you will have already read the lovely post from Shokamoka over on their blog! The growing number of bloggers joining OWLS has been amazing and this makes me really happy because it means I get to read even more awesome blog posts each month.


As soon as I read what the prompt was going to be for this month’s blog tour, I knew exactly what I was going to cover for it, but first, let’s have a look at that theme this month!


In honor of the 2018 Winter Olympics, this month’s topic will focus on the theme of ‘competition’ because the Olympics is where athletes from all countries join together to compete in sporting events. Through these events, we see how competition’ brings out the grit, the teamwork and the competitive spirit within athletes. This month, we will be exploring anime and pop culture media that discusses the good and the bad when it comes to competition and what it can teach us about ourselves and the world around us.

Pinned! is a western yaoi graphic novel released in 2005 with art by Studio Kosaru and written by Yamila Abraham. Regular readers of this blog should recognize the name as she is the yaoi author behind the crowdfunding campaign I posted about last month for her project My Magical Demon Lover. Yamila Abraham is not only an author with the company Yaoi Press but is also its founder! But I’m not here to gush and fangirl over one of my favorite western authors, (I will write a separate post for that later) I am here to write about this month’s theme of competition in a story about pro wrestling! But wait I hear you ask, how can there be competition in a sport that is completely scripted for television and audiences? Well, that’s what I am going to dive into in this part review part analysis piece for OWLS.


Pinned! tells the story of the up and coming professional wrestler Synn who has just made his debut as a pro wrestler after being scouted from grassroots wrestling. To those who do not know much about the world of pro wrestling grassroots is where a lot of wrestlers start off their professional career. It is where a lot of them learn the basics of the sport and perform in front of live audiences for the first time in ‘house shows’ which are untelevised events. Synn is very happy to be making his debut, he has even been able to get back in contact with his good friend he use to wrestle with back in grassroots and he has caught the attention of the top card wrestler of the company Renegade, who in my opinion has a striking resemblance to HHH back in the nineties. There is just one catch and it is a pretty big one that could make or break young Synn’s career as a pro wrestler before it even begins.

It would seem that Synn was brought into this world of pro wrestling for one purpose only in the eyes of the guy in charge, bossman. He was brought into the company to be a perk for the top card wrestler Renegade who wants Synn all to himself in more ways than one. Will Synn get a chance to become the pro wrestler he has always wanted to be? Can he put a stop to Renegade’s unwanted advances and as he gets to know the other wrestler do those advances stay unwanted? Well, you will have to read the graphic novel yourself to get all those answers but I will go into a few of them here so if you don’t want to be spoiled for the awesome story that this is you can purchase a physical copy or digital copy right here on Amazon.

One of the biggest themes in the story of Pinned! in my opinion, is the competition of ego between the wrestlers, especially in the second half of the story when the title belt comes into play within the story. As Synn and Renegade spend more time together both outside and inside the ring tensions and ego grow around the both of them for you see through all the competition inside the ring is scripted and played out for the audience what happens backstage is very competitive. From working out the upcoming story arc for the show to who gets the belt next, there are those who think they are more deserving of certain perks than others and this becomes very evident when Synn is taken into Renegades stable. But the biggest of these issues come up when it is decided that Synn will be winning the belt from Renegade. This one decision pisses off many of the older wrestlers who have been with the company longer than the newbie.

To add fuel to this fire there is also the problem with Synn’s friend Rae from grassroots who makes it very clear he does not like Renegade and outright tries to poison Synn against him with rumors of unspeakable acts between Renegade and his former wrestling partner. This makes Synn very wary of Renegade and even makes him lose trust in him just as they are getting close, but that is seriously that is all I am going to go into about this story because the final act is just too good to spoil.

So we have a battle of egos between all these wrestlers that shows some of the worst of bad sportsmanship. When the ego takes hold and someone begins to think they are so self-important that they can do anything well that is when we can see some of the worse behavior in people and characters. Now one could argue this can be seen in Renegade with his unwavering obsession with Synn, but for the most part, he really does seem to keep his ego in check. I mean let’s just say there is more gossiping amongst the wrestlers going on backstage than in an all-girls high school. This undermining of each other really makes for what seems like a toxic workplace, but this is what happens when you have so many big egos working together and this isn’t something that just happens in a sport like pro wrestling.

We see it time and time again in the news. Some big sports star is accused of some outburst out in public, whether that be a sexual assault charge, a brawl in a club, pub or some other night spot, caught speeding in a high power vehicle or even turning to drugs in their downtime. Their feeling of self importance and ego has been blown so far out of proportion that they seem to be in this state of mind where they think the law does not comply to them or they think that whatever code of sport they play for it’s ok the club will cover their asses so they can play in the next big game. It is a sad dark side to the professional sport.

I want to end this post on something a little bit lighter however and it is also something wrestling related. Growing up in the nineties I was a huge fan of pro wrestling with my siblings and mum. We use to watch the Monday night wars every week and being in Australia neither one (that being WCW and WWE) aired on the same night so we got to watch both. About ten years ago I lost interest in pro wrestling to the point where I had to watch it every week. But I do believe that a lot of my likes and dislikes today was shaped by watching wrestling as a kid and a couple of years ago, 2015 to be exact I got to meet one of my childhood heroes at a convention over here called Supanova!


Yep, that is yours truly Mistress of Yaoi herself with none other than Jake the Snake Roberts! Yes he was before my time of watching the wrestling in the 90’s but he still showed up as a special guest now and again and I always loved it! And below you will see one of my favorite moments from his career. Also, I must warn you, if you don’t like big snakes, you may want to not click on this video on how he cleared the ring during Royal Rumble 21.

Now that I have had my fun I will turn you over to Matt, who I am sure will have another awesome post for you to read in the near future!

My Magical Demon Lover exceeded it’s $5000 Goal


My Magical Demon lover exceeded it’s $5000 goal! Thanks to everyone who helped us achieve funding for this game! We are hard at work on the first alpha version for people to test. It should be ready in March!

via Thanks Backers! — Y Press Games

Even though I was not in a financial position to help donate to this amazing work I am so happy to see so many people have supported this project and a big congratulations to Yamila Abraham for reaching the goal!


The Day Yuri on Ice Came Full Circle

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During the Pair Skating competition at the Winter 2018 Olympic Games something amazing happened that had many a Yuri on Ice fan cheering for joy, the Japanese pair of Miu Sazaki and Ryuichi Kihara performed a beautifully stunning set to the track Yuri on Ice from the anime. In this one moment the story of Yuri on Ice has come full circle. This was an amazing day for the sport of figure skating as it was filled with many magnificent performances that had me glued to my screen watching. But as soon as this pair entered the ice and the music started playing my inner fangirl swirled like a dancer on the ice.

This performance was proof of the wide appeal this anime has had on popular culture and I hope that many other anime in the future can do the same.



Lezhin Comics Exposed


This has been a hard post for me to write as I have been an avid supporter of Lezhin for almost a year now, but as more and more of the recent news came to light about the company’s practices and treatment of the artists, there is a part of me that does not want to believe that these allegations against them are true. I even shared their public statement on the matter, but then I went digging myself and this is what I have found out. Before I start however I will need to clear up one thing. This is not the reason why Lezhin Month was cut short. That was due to technical difficulties on my end. Namely my blogging laptop dying. However if I had known at the beginning of last month what I know now, I would have most likely have not done Lezhin Month at all.

October 2017 Lezhin shut down the web novel side of the business in order to focus more on webtoons because that is where the money is for them, however upon making this decision they did not fully inform the authors of webnovels on their service of this upcoming closure.

January 11th 2018 Authors, Artists and Writers protest outside the office building where the company is located over an unfair payment system that has the company pocketing 70% of the earnings for the work the publish, but digging even more into this I found infomation about a petition that was started by a former writer who worked for Lezhin.


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From what I could understand of the petition, (I say understand because it was in Korean and the only way I had to translate it was through google translate) writing about their treatment by the company in being poorly paid as well as suspicion of tax inconsistencies for the company especially when it comes to their overseas service sales. This petition ended up with 81,315 people participating in it.

So what does this all exactly mean for us fans in the west? I support Lezhin Comics to support the authors they say they are working with and helping. If they are not supporting their authors then I’m sorry I do not want to support them. From this point on moving forward I have for the time being decided that I will no longer be purchasing coins or supporting there site. I will be joining the Lezhin Comics boycott until further notice. But I want to make one thing very clear with this decision. This is against the company itself not the authors whose work I love very much. All the artists, writers and authors whose work I have enjoyed are the ones who are hurting the most right now and that is why I want to help them get a fairer go in their workplace.

Mistress’s Top Five OTP’s


This was something I was tagged in on Twitter by one of my followers but then I thought, ooh this would be a fun one to bring over to the blog, plus it is something awesome way to start off this month on Yaoi Playground. I still feel bad for having to cut Lezhin Month a week short due to my old laptop dying.


5. Kusaka X Akizuki – Winter Cicada

I am a sucker for tragic love stories especially within yaoi and when it comes to yaoi anime there is no story of love more tragic than that of Kusaka and Akizuki. Samurai on opposite sides during a war torn era of Japan’s history when one side was fighting to open the borders of the country to outsiders and one that wanted to stay closed off and their love is caught in the middle of that conflict.


4. Brian X Justin – Queer as Folk

This on again off again romance from the television series Queer as Folk is a drama filled romp that had me coming back to the show again and again for these two. It is the relationship throughout the entire run of the show that has the most up and downs but I found myself always hoping they would end up together. Brian is one of the most likable asshole characters I have seen in any media and Justin starts off as a hormone driven teen looking to explore his sexuality to someone who finds purpose in his life thanks to Brian and his group of friends.


3. Puppyshipping – Seto Kaiba X Joey Wheeler – Yugioh

Mt original OTP and one of my first ships was this pairing from Yugioh. I loved how much there two had in common when you scratched the surface. Both are caring older brother’s for their younger siblings whom which they are fiercely protective of. Both are quick to anger though one is better than hiding it than the other and then there is the classic trope of enemies to lovers because of that thin line between love and hate we see so often in fiction.


2. Iason X Riki – Ai no Kusabi

A couple that fights the status quo and each other but ultimately realize they need the other in their life and would do or go through anything to be together? That is the backbone and heart of the story that is Ai no Kusabi. Whether it is the original OVA series, the light novels or the newer OVA series one thing is clear there is a space between these two that they want to fill.

IMG_20161021_125817.jpg1. Starscream X Skyfire – Transformers

If you follow me on any form of social media you will have seen me plaster image upon image upon image of fanart and fanfiction of these two. One is a pacifist scientist among the Autobots, the other one of the most infamous and treacherous of Decepticons and in many Transformers universes the second in command. They seem to almost have nothing in common but to see the birth place of this pairing you have to go all the way back to The Transformers G1 episode ‘Fire in the Sky’. An episode where the Decepticons find Skyfire buried in the ice and then a confession from Starscream that this giant Cybertronian is his old friend. In this moment Transformers fans saw something that had never been seen before and was rarely seen in many Transformers stories; a softer side to the Decepticon Starscream. In this one moment a character who had previously been seen as a one note treacherous bastard had been given some small character development and a ship was born.

Well that is my list of my Top 5 OTP’s as you can see some are canon and some are not, but whether your favourite ship is canon or not don’t let that dictate how much you enjoy the media it comes from. Ships and headcannons are a fun part of fandom but they don’t need to rule it. Fandoms should be about having fun with other fans.