Seikimatsu Darling – Boys Love Classic Review

What if I told you there was a boys love OVA that is a comedic deconstruction of the genre? Wait, Wait I know what your thinking. Not another anime review that calls an anime a deconstruction of the genre, well I promise I’m not writing about Madoka and this is not a dark take on a fluffy genre. This is Seikimatsu Darling, one of the funniest Boys Love animes I have ever watched.

Released in 1996 and based on the manga of the same name by Maki Naruto and produced by Seiyo Mail Service (looking into this production company all I could find out about them is that they produced this one OVA) the anime tells the story of blossoming love between two businessmen there is just one problem, their love for each other is exactly the same. One might wonder how this is could be a problem they are in love are they not? This is where the anime becomes very amusing. It’s seme vs seme who will be the first to seduce the other into becoming their uke?


There is no serious story here and that is ok because sometimes you just want to sit down and watch something light and comedic. The art style for the series could be a breaker for some anime viewers if they are not a fan of that very nineties style of character design with many of the more comedic moments the characters becoming chibified. In some anime, this can be very distracting, at times moments like these were kind of distracting with Gravitation but here it works because there is no deeper darker side to the story.


If you are looking for a BL anime that will give you a good chuckle then¬†Seikimatsu Darling is the perfect title for you. With it’s hilarious over the top situations and sweet characters you are sure to smile with this one.



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