First Impression – Small World

I had been meaning to check out the website LINE WEBTOON for a while now and seeing as I was looking through the app store last night and came across the sites app I figured now was as good a time as any to check them out. There is still a hole in this fujoshi’s heart when it comes to Lezhin Comics, I still have their app on my phone but I have not touched it since the end of January for reasons… The only reason I still have the app is that of Koogi and Killing Stalking in all honesty, but enough depressing stuff. I want to tell you guys about a really adorable little webcomic I found on Webtoon called Small World. This webtoon is pure fluff and I love it!


As soon as I opened the app this little webtoon caught my eye with its two cute characters of Robin and Julian, they are just soo adorable! Each episode is not very long just a couple of panels but that is ok because this is a short gag comedy series. Now I must admit gag comedy is something I am not a huge fan of. With the exception of anime like Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, and Excell Saga not much else in the genre has really grabbed me, but this sweet little webtoon brought a smile to this fujoshi and I just know I will be coming back every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday for new episodes!



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