Wotakoi It’s Difficult To Love An Otaku Episode 2 Review

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I’m not the only one getting Recovery of an MMO Junkie vibes from this anime right? It feels like this anime has the same heart as what that series had, well minus the racist director. There is a comforting, relatable feeling I am getting from this series and I do not just mean because the main character is a fellow fujoshi, though that probably helps. Her relationship with her gaming otaku boyfriend is growing more adorable and learning more about their work colleagues with this episode I find myself wishing I worked with fellow anime fans. On a side note I know my boss knows about my blog but I do not think he reads it, living in a small country town I do not even know if there are other anime fans my age living in the township, but I am getting of topic. I am doing that a lot lately it seems.

I laughed so hard when they made the evangelion reference early in the episode, but the most relatable moment came for me later in the episode when it was revealed Hirotaka can not wink. Don’t worry Hirotaka I could not wink when I was younger and use to practice as well when no one was looking. I am really looking forward to continuing this series, it has me hooked as an awesome show to watch at the end of the week to help me wind down and relax.


I can’t help but love this adorable gamer

Butlers x Battlers Episode 2 Review


More is revealed about the mysterious J in this episode, his connection to the mansion the student council uses and did I mention a butler cafe that would make any fujoshi swoon with joy? As serious as the tone was for much of the episode, the scenes with the handsome student council members being made to work in the cafe as ‘butlers’ was the most enjoyable part of the episode for me and I imagine many other viewers. Over all a very enjoyable episode with plenty of entertaining moments and a continued mystery being discovered, time travelling butlers? This is just so awesome I am really loving this show and I am already getting a best boy vibe from the sleepy and adorable ‘Dracula’ he is just way too cute, not the type I usually fawn over but he is just way too cute!!

Can not wait to watch the next ep either as once again the final act of the episode left me wanting more. My only hope so far is that I really hope we get a complete story with this series.

What Mistress is Watching This Season!


The spring anime season might have started a few weeks ago but it has taken me a while to go through all the shows I wanted to check out and decide what I would be watching this season and I am surprisingly watching more than I thought I would be. I will start with getting the three obvious ones out of the way.

Yes I am watching the new seasons of Food Wars and My Hero Academia, as well as Tokyo Ghoul Re. Admittedly I only started the new season of Hero last night because I have been busy working on some other awesome stuff and I still need to sit down and catch up with Food Wars but I will definitely be continuing to watch both. As for Tokyo Ghoul Re, well I have enjoyed all the Tokyo Ghoul anime’s so far and have so far enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul Re, yes I said all. Yes I enjoyed Route A as its own individual thing and yes I have read the manga.

There are three other anime I am watching this season, two of which I have decided to do episode reviews of. The first of these animes is Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari or Butler x Battler which I will be posting my episode reviews of on Fridays my time. The second one of these anime is Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii or Wotaku It’s Difficult To Love An Otaku which I will be posting the episode reviews for on Saturdays. I have been wanting to do episode reviews for a while here on Yaoi Playground and decided to dive right in this anime season and give this ago. Also once the series come to an end I plan on doing a final complete series review for both animes.


The last anime I am watching this season is Magical Girl Ore and if you read my first impression post here, you will know I am loving this series so much. It is because of this that I will not be doing episode reviews of this series because in all honesty all it would be is me writing a post about me fangirling and no one wants to read something that embarrassing.


seriously each new episode of this anime has me laughing harder than the last

What anime are you watching this season? Let me know in the comments down below if you are following the shows I am and if you think you will keep watching them. Till next time Mistress of Yaoi says love what you love and never be ashamed of your passions!

Strange Flesh – Indie Bara Game Review

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When I sat down and played ‘Strange Flesh’ after coming across it on the Bara subreddit community I thought I was going into a standard side-scrolling beat’em up game with a top coat of bara aesthetic, but as I delved deeper into the game I came to realize that there may be more here than a barman with hypnotic smoke and a very naughty bara beat em up. This is a game that delves right into the psyche of its target audience and the first hint of this comes in the game’s title ‘Strange Flesh’.


“And Angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode. He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after Strange Flesh, are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment in eternal fire.”  Jude 1:6 

A quote from the Holy Bible might be a strange way to start this review but there is a lot of comparisons within the game that can be found within this one quote that for decades upon decades or perhaps even longer has been used to condemn those within the LGBTQ+ community and that makes it a very stark contrast with one of the other big themes in the game. Self-acceptance, even if those around you won’t approve. One of the most annoying enemies in the game is a flying angel called ‘Father Figure’ that takes the form of a priest with wings. Religion in society is used as just another restraint against those who are not necessarily evil but are made to feel guilty because of their lifestyle choices.

You play as the Bartender in this game as you work your way through the subconscious of Joe, a miserable salaryman who has spent so much time suppressing his true self from a society that it has left him alone and well miserable. This is a scenario many within the LGBTQ+ community can relate to, having to act ‘normal’ in front of the world so that you are not judged or ostracized for not being what everyone else thinks you should be. As you work your way through the game, you work your way through Joe’s subconscious and meet much of what Joe has suppressed in the way of enemies. You can choose to attack these enemies with punches and kicks or you can choose to seduce and hypnotize with your smoke. Your actions throughout these levels towards these enemies determine which of the three endings you can give Joe. Two could be considered bad endings that have Joe giving into this temptation and becoming either a cocky rock star of the bar or the biggest cock slut in town. There is a third ending that can also be unlocked after you have done the first two and I like to think that that one is the true ending for this game and it is something so beautiful I do not want to spoil it.


There is a large lack of video games out there aimed directly at the LGBTQ+ community and I am not about to say we should change the games and franchises we already have to be more inclusive, I am saying however that when these kinds of games come out we should support them. I myself am not a huge fan of side scrolling beat em up, but when I learned the premise behind this game I just had to give it a go. Even though, yes I know I am not the target demographic for this game, but I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Also, it’s free to play so there is no reason to not give it a go unless of course, you are not a fan of hardcore bara content, this game is most definitely not safe for work. You can download the game directly from the creator’s website and it is available to play on both Mac and Windows pcs and can also be played through the browser if you would prefer that. If you enjoy the game do not forget to perhaps tip you barman so that the team behind this amazing game can create future projects.


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Wotakoi It’s Difficult To Love An Otaku – Episode 1 Review

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Can I just say this anime has the most adorable first episode I have seen in a long time? Seriously the last time I saw a first episode this adorable was when I first watched My Love Story! Plus when I found out the main character is a fujoshi well I just knew I had to check this one out.

In the first episode we are introduced to our adorable fujoshi, Narumi Momose who has had a miserable time lately. She left her previous job because her work colleagues found out she was not just an otaku but also a fujoshi, oh no! To make matters worse her most recent boyfriend has broken up with her for the same reason, but she is determined to make sure no one at her new job finds out about her hobby. That is until she bumps into Hirotaka Nifugi a former classmate and fellow otaku (though he is the gaming type) and he nonchalant in front of her new boss let’s the beans spill in casual conversation. Will this be her old job all over again?


The set up and execution of this first episode was really entertaining and I do not want to spoil anything but the final conversation in the episode had my inner fangirl jumping for joy. I am so happy to see another anime that deals with being an otaku without being based on high school or collage students. The fact that the characters in this series are working adults makes their struggles a lot more relatable. When I meet new people especially those who have no interest in anime, I do worry in the back of my mind if they would judge me if they knew. You know, the weird shit I am into at times. This is another anime I will definitely continue watching this season and though it may not contend for my favorite of the season (Magical Girl Ore already has that title) it could be a close second.

Butler x Battler Episode 1 Review


Transfer student and student council president Koma Jinguji, nicknamed J by those around him seems perfect and in the eyes of some too perfect. There is something dark and mysterious about this young man and it has something to do with a worker at the local cafe and a missing sibling.


I really enjoyed the first episode of this anime though with a title like Butlers x Battlers I must admit I was expecting something different, maybe handsome butlers battling it out tournament style. You can tell I went into this blind with a thought like that.

The initial character introductions were enough to get me interested in the cast with some very amusing side characters and the super natural element that came into play in the later part of the ep left me curious as to where this will go. I will definitely be returning to watch more of this anime and with the gorgeous character designs this is one series I think other fujoshi should give go as well.

Update from Weibo


Weibo Reverses Gay Content Ban!

Yesterday I posted Yaoi is Illegal? and as you can see from the link above, a follow up story to the previous story over on Anime News Nework Chinese social media giant Weibo has reversed their ban on homosexual theme content.

This is a small win for my fellow fujoshi and fudanshi in China! Enjoy your victory guys but at the same time this will be a story I will be continuing to follow here on Yaoi Playground and I might even look into what other countries yaoi content might be illegal as this whole saga has made me curious about fans like me in other countries.

Yaoi is Illegal?

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You have probably already read the story on Anime News Network, but if you have not their story can be found here, but long story short. A popular Chinese social media site called Weibo, which from what I have looked into looks to be very similar to Facebook has recently banned Homosexual themed content from their site as well as violent and or pornographic material. They say this is to help ‘clean-up’ the content on the site. Looking further into this I came across a few things I remember learning a few years ago.

China has a long history of banning all sorts of anime, manga and gaming material from entering it’s shores because the content is deemed inappropriate by the government for the people. Gay marriage is illegal in China still and as such any media depicting such relationships is as well, so yes this does mean that both yaoi and yuri is illegal to own, view and distribute in China. This makes me very grateful that I live in a country where I am aloud to enjoy the kind of content in my hobbies that I do. I do hope that the LGBTQ+ community in China one day get a chance for there voices to be heard and not just China. I do hope that one day we can all live in a world where we can love without fear of retribution as long as all parties involved are consenting adults and the same goes for the media we choose to enjoy as well, and to all my fellow fujoshi in China I hope one day you like us are able to enjoy yaoi openly like so many of us, my fellow rotten women you are not alone.


And yes I do see the irony in this happening now while a Chinese anime like Spiritpact is airing a new season.


Loveless – Boys Love Review

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Is it in the moments we live, in the here and now that we are our true self? Or is our true self, locked away in the memory of our past and if that is true once those memories are lost, be it time and age or trauma and manipulation will we ever be our true selves once again? It is a difficult question for even an adult to ponder and an even more confusing one for a child who is on the cusp of beginning their journey into adulthood. Ritsuka Aoyagi is a very troubled child.


Loveless is an anime series that many have called pretentious because of the themes it chooses to explore but beneath this world of cat-eared youth, you will find a beautiful anime that will give you many questions and some very roundabout answers that you will at times find yourself second guessing as much as it’s the main character. There is so much I would love to write about Loveless but I will save that for another time because this is just a review of the anime series.

Loveless is a 2005 boys love anime that quickly gained popularity amongst the fujoshi fandom for its cute cat boys and almost whimsical art style that still looks gorgeous over ten years later. It is based on the still going manga series by the same name written by and illustrated by manga artist Yun Kouga who is the same artist behind another boys love classic manga that got an anime adaptation from 1989 to 1996, that of course being Earthian, but that anime I will write about another time. Loveless tells the story of Ritsuka Aoyagi, a young boy who has gone through a lot in his short life and now he has just transferred to a new school, where a young pink haired girl wants to be his new best friend. At the same time a strange adult comes into his life, a man named Soubi who had a connection with Ritsuka’s recently deceased older brother and possibly answers as to what happened to his brother. One of the biggest complaints this series gets is the implied relationship between Ritsuka a child, and Soubi a young adult. In a normal world, many of the things that happen between the two would be inappropriate, but there is something different about the world of Loveless. Strange battles take place that we the viewer only begin to understand as Ritsuka does.

Loveless throughout its 12 episode run goes through many different themes, trust vs doubt, memories, finding oneself, destiny vs choice and even homosexuality and the last one does not mean the main couple exactly. There is a line blurring in between Ritsuka and Soubi but I do not believe at any time it is completely crossed though I also know there are other viewers who do not see it this way. To that, I say as I always do, this is fiction and fantasy and not real life. In fiction we delve deeper into taboos we can not explore elsewhere.


The biggest complaint many have with Loveless other than the ‘relationship’ between the two main characters of the anime is it’s ending and final episode. The last episode is a fever dream of answers and more questions and has a very 90’s anime ending that tries to entice the watcher to go and read the manga to understand more of this world. It worked for me and many others who went out and bought and continue to read the manga but to others, this ending can be very confusing and frustrating.

If you are looking for an interesting boys love anime to watch that will keep your mind questioning and enjoy a good mystery I can only recommend this anime if you also intend to dive deeper into the world that Yun Kouga has created and read the manga afterwards because the anime alone is sad though a fun ride has a disappointing end.

I would really love to delve more into the world of Loveless sometime in the future here on Yaoi Playground exploring the more spoilery parts of the story and eventually also do a review of the manga. It really is a cool series to dive into if you have the time and if you guys would like to see me write more about the series let me know down below. Also if you would like to support the continuation of this blog please consider clicking the link below, till next time I am your Mistress of Yaoi


Pure Trance – My Favorite Manga

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956298With her psychedelic creepy Kawai with an overtone of sexual content, the artwork of Junko Mizuno is some of my favorite artists out there and my all time favorite manga is Pure Trance. Written in the late 90’s and then getting an English release in 2005 it is still available today for purchase on Amazon at a very reasonable price (on the American site at least). But looking at the cover of this strange manga you might be wondering, what the hell is this?

This manga is very dark in tone, I will tell you that right now, much like most on Junko’s work what might look strange yet cute it will always have a darker side. Pure Trance is a sci-fi story taking place in the far future after world war 3, a war which has sent humankind off the surface and underground, but that’s ok humans have a great life underground. The main character of the story is a nurse who works at Overeaters Treatment Center 102 where she tries to help her patients. Unfortunately, her job is made difficult by the woman in charge of the treatment center who is a drug addict who uses her position to get what she craves most.

It was the art style that caught my interest when it came to the work of Junko and Pure Trance but it was the strong female characters, interesting character development and world building that had me hooked on Pure Trance. Little snippets of information about the world she has created in this manga can be found at the bottom of nearly every page. These can be explanations of products, devices, hobbies the characters take part in or creatures scattered throughout the story and I really loved this. It added an extra intriguing level to an already weird narrative and in a way almost made it feel more grounded in a believable reality, well almost I don’t think cloning is a popular hobby amongst young women just yet.


It was seeing this image on an image board site that made me want to check out what Pure Trance is

The manga deals with themes of social norms, eating disorders, self-harm, drug use and finding one’s self in the chaos that surrounds us in the world. It is because of these themes that Pure Trance may not be a good starting point for someone new to Junko Mizuno’s work. One manga I would recommend to someone new to her work is Mermaid Princess, which is a strange re-imagining of the classic tale of the little mermaid, a safer place to start down the rabbit hole that is Junko Mizuno.

Though not the best quality this is a really cool interview with the artist herself, being interviewed by a familiar face to any top gear fan on his previous show Japanorama.