Butler x Battler Episode 1 Review

Transfer student and student council president Koma Jinguji, nicknamed J by those around him seems perfect and in the eyes of some too perfect. There is something dark and mysterious about this young man and it has something to do with a worker at the local cafe and a missing sibling.


I really enjoyed the first episode of this anime though with a title like Butlers x Battlers I must admit I was expecting something different, maybe handsome butlers battling it out tournament style. You can tell I went into this blind with a thought like that.

The initial character introductions were enough to get me interested in the cast with some very amusing side characters and the super natural element that came into play in the later part of the ep left me curious as to where this will go. I will definitely be returning to watch more of this anime and with the gorgeous character designs this is one series I think other fujoshi should give go as well.

One thought on “Butler x Battler Episode 1 Review

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