Wotakoi It’s Difficult To Love An Otaku Episode 2 Review

I’m not the only one getting Recovery of an MMO Junkie vibes from this anime right? It feels like this anime has the same heart as what that series had, well minus the racist director. There is a comforting, relatable feeling I am getting from this series and I do not just mean because the main character is a fellow fujoshi, though that probably helps. Her relationship with her gaming otaku boyfriend is growing more adorable and learning more about their work colleagues with this episode I find myself wishing I worked with fellow anime fans. On a side note I know my boss knows about my blog but I do not think he reads it, living in a small country town I do not even know if there are other anime fans my age living in the township, but I am getting of topic. I am doing that a lot lately it seems.

I laughed so hard when they made the evangelion reference early in the episode, but the most relatable moment came for me later in the episode when it was revealed Hirotaka can not wink. Don’t worry Hirotaka I could not wink when I was younger and use to practice as well when no one was looking. I am really looking forward to continuing this series, it has me hooked as an awesome show to watch at the end of the week to help me wind down and relax.


I can’t help but love this adorable gamer


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