Are We Boys Love Crazy?

Over the last year or so here on Yaoi Playground I have mostly written about the many positives of the yaoi and boys love fandom and community, but like many fandoms we are not a perfect fandom, no fandom is and if anything at times we can be far from it. There are many horror stories around the internet and within many a fandom of the crazy fujoshis who ruin everything and I am not going to say they are not out there because they are. Shipping wars that turn into mud slinging flame wars, over coleus fangirls surrounding certain shows, characters, movies, books and so on that drive others insane and even personal attacks on creators of the content fans claim to love, it at times makes the fandom unbearable for others.


This month on Yaoi Playground I want to answer the question, do yaoi fans really ruin fandoms? Do we at times make a fandom intolerable for others who do not have the same interests and love as we? This month I am stepping back and taking a look from the outside in and examining some of the more negative moments within this fandom that I love so dearly in the hopes that perhaps, I can help new fans learn from the lessons I have learned in the past and some lessons I am still learning today. Welcome to a new and exciting month on Yaoi Playground, I will be beginning this journey with a fandom that many believed was made toxic by the fujoshis within and from there we will continue on this journey of looking at things from a different point of view.

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