Wotaku It’s Difficult to Love An Otaku Episode 4 Review

These adorable dorks! I love this anime so so much, just damn these adorkable relatable adults. It must get boring coming back each week to me gushing over these lovelies but I just can not help it. I was not expecting to love this anime as much as I am. The level of enjoyment I am getting from this series is the level of enjoyment I was hoping to get from the other series that I dropped based on it’s premise alone.


I want more of these two!!!!

The feels from this episode just damn and it was so awesome to see some growth and back story to the secondary couple of the series and then to have both boys crossplay for their girlfriends, I know it’s not every fujoshi’s fantasy to do that one, but I think a lot of us have let our minds wander there. But it was the final moments of this episode after the credits that just made my heart melt, filled to the brim with feels. Another awesome episode!


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