Fujoshi Trapped In A Seme’s Perfect Body Vol 1-2 Review


The Yaoi Army is a publishing company I have been keeping an eye on for a while now, as I try to keep an eye out for new publishing companies in the western market that release yaoi specific stories and I have to say with what I have seen over the last few months from The Yaoi Army it would seem that they know exactly how to market to yaoi fans in the west and upon finding one of their works Fujoshi Trapped in the Perfect Seme’s Body on the Webtoon app well it gave me a chance to read some of their content finally.

Fujoshi_1_360xThis was quite the amusing read I must say even though at times it could be a little cringy, but that was only because how spot on they get the main character of this story. Misa Nanase is a fujoshi of the hopeless degree, something at times I consider myself but that’s a story for another time, my readers. She is downright obsessed with all things yaoi, she reads it constantly when at home, hides it from her parents and even ships her classmates! But it goes further than this and this is where our heroine becomes what I call the hopeless kind of fujoshi. She is so obsessed with yaoi that she wants to be apart of the fantasy world of yaoi, she wants to grow a penis become a handsome man and have some yaoi fun, but of course as the old saying goes ‘be careful what you wish for, you might just get it’ and sometimes getting what we wish for isn’t the greatest thing in the world we thought it would be.

Penis envy is a conversation topic that I have sadly had come up in conversation with other anime fans when the ‘discussion’ of fujoshi and yaoi fangirls comes up, so to speak. I assure you that pun was not completely on purpose. But that discussion itself comes up in one of my older posts, My Life as a Yaoi Fangirl – Dealing with Misconceptions and Hate. I do not doubt that there are fujoshi out there that may feel this way, but at the same time I do see it kind of insulting to think that all fujoshi feel this way, but it comes with the territory of being stereotyped as a fujoshi I suppose. That being said this story is a good one to read as a fujoshi if you can laugh at yourself and the fandom you love.

The first and second volume of this series is available to be read on Webtoon and looking through The Yaoi Army official website there is a lot of really nice merch, the bookmarks that look like mini dakimakuras are both hot and adorable and the option to purchase paperback copies of the story as well as some extra stories is also pretty cool. I found the overall story of the first two volumes a mixed bag of hilariously cringy, downright adorable and overall a very amusing read and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to read more yaoi aimed at a western market.



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