BJ Alex – First Impression

The following review for BJ Alex will cover up to chapter 24 and I will most likely make more posts on this ongoing series in the future.

Cool, confident and maybe a little bit arrogant about his sexual conquests, that is how BJ Alex comes across to his fans. He is the complete opposites of one of his most devoted fans Dong-Gyun who could be described as a pathetic little pushover who let’s those around him push him around, but a chance meeting with an upperclassman at school has Dong-Gyun coming face to face with the man he has spent nights fantasizing about. But fantasies never really live up in real life. Is there a spark between these two complete opposites?



I find myself in a bit of a pickle my readers I must admit, before continuing this review. There is some amazing boys love and yaoi titles available on Lezhin, but I am at a moral impasse. I am still boycotting Lezhin for their treatment of their artists, but at the same time I have been asked over the last few months, Mistress when are you going to do a full review of BJ Alex? I will admit right here and now, I have been keeping up with the manhwa I fell in love with over on Lezhin but I have not been purchasing them through the website, I have been reading them elsewhere on the internet. I want to support the artists, so I feel I can do this by giving them feedback and reviews of their work through right here on Yaoi Playground and then let you my readers and possibly their readers who come here make the choice whether or not to support Lezhin or not. With that out the way, what do I think of BJ Alex by Mingwa?


I must confess, I am in love with this story of sexual awakening, exploration, and self-discovery because as the story moves forward these themes are becoming more prevalent for both leads. From Dong-Gyun’s inexperience and curiosity to Alex beginning to learn that there may be more to sexuality than just well the sex side of it and that there may be something else out there he finds himself craving it is a story that leaves this fujoshi wanting to come back for more and the latest introduction and learning about our BJ’s past well, I’m probably not the only one who got a slight reminder of Christian Grey though I really hope that if the author is going to go down the and with recent chapters it seems they are going to go down into the world of BDSM that they do so in a more respectful and intelligent way than Fifty Shades of fucked up. I am not a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, perhaps that is yet another post as to why in the future. I will admit I am a fan of reading stories based on this subculture.


BJ Alex is quickly becoming a modern classic of the yaoi genre within the manhwa industry much like Killing Stalking and it is so great to see these in-depth yaoi stories and as much as I love my light and fluffy yaoi like Small WorldSmall World, let’s face it a lot of us modern fujoshi are leaning more towards the more in-depth storylines within the genre.



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