New Yarichin Bitch-Bu PV Reveals OP


The latest PV for upcoming yaoi anime Yarichin Bitch-Bu features the animes OP sung by the cast of lovely boys. Out of all the boys love and yaoi anime that have been announced for release this year this is the one that has the yaoi community most excited and it’s not hard to see why. Looking into the production of this anime, it looks like a newcomer to the anime scene is the studio behind this adaptation, a studio called GRIZZLY and the voice cast for this one looks to not disappoint either!

The anime itself is set to release in September and hype is already building for this anime all I can say is I will be joining the hype train for this one and if you are a fan of yaoi and boys love you should be too!

What Happened to the Wotakoi Reviews?

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I have been putting off answering this question for a while now. I was so busy last month with final edits of my Pride Month posts that I just ended up falling behind on my episode by episode review of Wotakoi. Then I just stopped watching anime for a fortnight because I just felt burnt out on seasonal anime and after those two weeks I spent three days marathoning the first 100 episodes of One Piece because… well I don’t know why I did that one other than the fact that my only other sibling who watches anime really loves that series.

It did help me come to a conclusion, episode by episode reviews of a currently airing show are just not for me. I will be doing an overall series review of Wotakoi at some point in the future, and writing of the future you might have noticed some minor changes here on Yaoi Playground recently. I have been doing some editing and polishing of older and newer posts because I have an announcement I will be making later next month. I hope this little post has cleared up some questions you guys have been asking me. Till next time. I’m your Mistress of Yaoi.

I can only do what I yearn to Do! Otaku Teacher Review


I have been doing a massive clean up of my older reviews over the last couple of days and just finished re-editing one of my very first blog posts. A lot happier with it now and re-reading and editing this post has helped me see just how much I have improved since I started blogging. This post, in particular, has also reminded me as to why I started blogging again and has reminded me to stick with my passions!

Yaoi Playground

2015 was a very hard year for me and my family. I will not go into the details of the current situation because these were and still are a very personal family issue. Because of this, I ended up using anime and other media as an escape from what I had to deal with in the real world. I had a lot of days where I just wanted to sit down and watch something and just forget my problems for a while and just by the end of it have a huge smile on my face and other days I just wanted to lie in bed and watch nothing.

There were three anime last year that put a smile on my face and made me forget my problems for a while and the second one was Assassination Classroom, but I don’t plan on reviewing that until the second season is…

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Wandering Son – Anime Review

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What makes a boy a boy?

What makes are girl a girl?

The answer it seems is not as simple as the words found within the popular rhyme may be. Gender is a subject of hot debate over the last decade and it will continue to be in the years to come. It has gone from arguments over whether a girl can have short hair and a boy have long hair in school to debates about bathrooms and pronouns. Then add a big dose of political correctness to the whole debate and things get even more complicated. Wandering Son is an anime about gender and adolescence, it is also a series unlike any other anime before it or since.

Released in the 2011 winter anime season and based on the manga by artist Takako Shimura who is no stranger to stories with LGBTQ+ representation, though her stories do lean more towards lesbian and transgender representation and it is that transgender representation that makes Wandering Son an amazing anime. The main focus of the animes story is that of Shuichi Nitori, a boy who wishes he was a girl and his friend Yoshino Takatsuki, a girl who wishes to be a boy. What I love most about this set up in the story is that we get to see two different sides of a story like this. For me at least I must admit I do not see that many stories about a female to male transgender person and seeing the different struggles for the two characters gave further depth to the story being told.  One such subject that is brought up within the story of the series is how it can at times be easier for a girl to dress as a boy if she wants to, but when a boy wants to dress as a girl suddenly there is something wrong.


This has been a subject I must admit bothered me as a child growing up, especially once I reached school age. See I remember as a child because it can get quite warm here in Australia in the summertime playing under the sprinkler to cool off and as children do running around in just shorts. Then one day I get told that I had to wear a shirt when I play under the sprinkler outside and this made me very angry because my brother did not have to put a shirt on. I was simply told by the adults ‘that’s because he is a boy’. Gender has always been something I feel I just never really understood and is one of the main reasons why I myself identify as non-binary.

Like all stories of youth and adolescence, however, Nitori and Takatsuki’s world is not a safe little bubble where they are always free to express themselves and the cast of supporting characters are not always there to support them. If everyone around these two was completely accepting of who they were the story would one get boring pretty quickly and two be very unrealistic to what transgender people go through. One of the best examples of this within the show is Nitori’s older sister, who outright calls her ‘little brother’ sick and disgusting.

Anime does not have a good track record when it comes to transgender characters, more often than not they are a gag characters or at worse a fetish character commonly referred to a trap and admittedly I must confess I have been a fan of many of these characters and I can see now upon actually knowing some transgender people now how problematic at times these characters can be and yet I can not bring myself to hate these characters either. Complicated thinking I know but hear me out, it really comes down to the same issue people have with the representation of homosexuals and genres like yaoi and yuri. These types of characters are not meant to be a representation of real-life issues and people, they are nothing more than fiction, fantasy and yes at times fetish.


Jun Watarase was the first anime figure I ever bought and I still love the character, though many speculate still as to whether the character is just another trap or a transgender character

Wandering Son is an amazing anime that tells the kind of story I wish I saw more often in anime and manga and if you are looking for a show that takes a good hard look at what it may be like to be a transgender child I cannot recommend this series enough.

I want to end this post with a great big thank you to everyone for all your support this Pride Month on Yaoi Playground!

Queer as Folk – The TV Show That Changed Everything


It’s all about sex, except it is also something much more culturally important. It was started in the UK in 1999, and it was going to change queer representation on television forever. Before Queer as Folk LGBTQ+ representation on television was very different. Gays were often portrayed as, that funny effeminate male friend or that butch female character. I’m not saying there was no positive representation on television, but these were always minor roles in television shows and never the main focus of the story.

The series within the UK gained success and also caught the attention of producers in North America and they decided to make their own version of the show and so began the beginning of a revolution for prime time TV for Queer as Folk was the first hour-long drama series on American television to show the lives of gay and lesbian characters.

The series follows the stories of Brian, Justin, Michael, Ted, Emmet, Melanie, Lindsey and Michael’s mother Debbie and her brother Vic. This was a show, unlike anything that had been on television at the time. It told real stories from a community that did not really have much representation when it came to the mainstream. This was a show that talked about the club scene, the drugs, and the sex, but it was so much more than that. It talked about hate crimes and discrimination towards the gay community of all kinds. Workplace discrimination, family discrimination and discrimination within the community as a whole. One of my favorite plot lines for the show came when the series resident nerdy character Michael alongside art student Justin made their own homoerotic superhero character!


The Rage comic storyline is probably my favorite plot line from the series

But one of the biggest themes that were explored within the series was the subject of HIV and AIDS, and it was a subject they did not shy away from. Michael’s uncle Vic who lives with his mum is slowly dying of AIDS and throughout the first four seasons of the show we the audience watch as he slowly deteriorates. We see the physical deterioration of Uncle Vic but more than that we see the emotional toll the disease takes on not Just Vic but his family and friends around him. This is not the only character in the story we see go through this kind of story when Michael ends up in a long time relationship his new partner is revealed to be HIV positive. The show and the characters make sure to let everyone know that there is a big difference between being HIV positive and AIDS and for me when I first originally started watching the show back in 2004 I believe I had never seen a show talk about this subject. The only thing I knew about AIDS at that point really was that it was the disease Tom Hanks character had in the movie Philadelphia.


Something unexpected happened however when the show first aired in America. Initially it was aimed at the LGBTQ+ community but the series found a strong audience amongst heterosexual women, though if you ask me this really should not come as a surprise when you look at the yaoi fanbase, for myself at least I went looking for more stories about gay men after watching this series so in a way before Gravitation even Queer as Folk was a gateway for me into yaoi and gay media.

Even today this show is still finding an audience because there has never been a show like Queer as Folk before or since then, recently Entertainment Weekly sat down with the amazing cast of the show and looked back on the legacy that was the show. Thanks to online streaming services a new audience is discovering this amazing series and though at times the series can be a time capsule for the era it was made in, the subjects it talks about from coming out to homophobia to AIDS and politics it is just as relevant today as it was back when it first came out and is a must watch for anyone looking for positive and real representation of the gay community in media.


And damn even with that beard, Gale Harold is still hot!!! And Brian is still dancing in Babylon in my dreams

Awesome Youtuber – Queer Fudanshi


Queer Fudanshi – Bringing LGBT media to deserving fans is the tag line of this awesome Youtube channel and due to recent disgusting events on YouTube I would like to feature a queer positive channel right here on Yaoi Playground for Pride Month. There are so many channels I could have chosen from but in the end I had to go with this fellow yaoi fan and proud fudanshi! I have been subscribed to Queer Fudanshi since late 2016 and it is a channel whose new uploads I always look forward to watching, when they do arrive in my subscription box. Seriously hate it when stuff I am subbed to does not appear in my subscriptions it’s why I follow a lot of my fave YouTubers on Twitter or other social media so that I don’t miss out on new uploads.

Devin Jackson Randall is the amazing man behind this channel that covers all sorts of queer media sharing news about upcoming or recently released tv shows and video games and of course yaoi news and announcement. Many of his videos talk about representation in the media from a black gay man’s point of view and this is what I find most fascinating about his content because this is a point of view I do not see represented that often and through his channel he is giving the representation to the next generation that he did not see for himself when he was younger and that right there is beyond awesome!

Finding those within your own community that you can identify with can really help those trying to find where they belong in this world and make us not feel so alone and I would like to think I myself provide this to my fellow yaoi fans as when I first came into the fandom over a decade ago now yaoi was hardly ever talked about. Now I see so many people talking about the genre and it just makes me smile so much!

Men Plus Monsters – Webcomic Review

bara, lgbtq+, webcomic review

Teratophilia, the sexual attraction to monsters, you know like that recent movie Shape of Water. I love that movie, by the way. I have come to terms with my weird tastes, moving onto the review!


You know what my biggest complaint is when it comes to porn with monsters whether that be tentacle of otherwise? More often than not that porn is nonconsensual. Now one may argue that many a monster might not have the mental capacity for consent, but that is not a point I am here to argue today or any other day if I am completely honest. But what if I told you there was a hardcore bara webcomic that had consensual gay sex between a human and many other humanoid based monsters?

That is what artist Aero Zero wanted to create and their work is absolutely amazing! A very, very, very kinky human (trust me I needed to use the word very that many times for him), monstrous cat boys and even a slime monster that doubles as a tentacle monster? Then the artist goes and chucks in a robot for good measure and let’s just say that is just another tick on my checklist. I mean come on I have featured many a Transformers fanfiction over in Fanfiction Rec and my all time OTP is Skyfire x Starscream! Got off topic there but the fact of the matter is this. I freaking love this comic!

Men + Monsters is about Royal Guard Lex and his robot companion Akilas rescuing an injured monster one day and upon getting to know the monster Lex decides he can live out some of his long lusted for fantasies with a monster. Lex is one horny protagonist who seems to think sex is the answer to a lot of life problems but sleeping with a monster when part of the royal guard is very taboo and the three end up on the run. What follows is a very fun and amusing adventure with lots of fun with monsters.

MM Ch4 Pg29 copy Patreon panel

The comic can be read online through the artist’s official website and you can also purchase prints and paperback copies of this comic and another comic on the website called Ace of Beast through the sites store. and you can also support the artist himself through his Patreon. Admittedly I have not read as much of Ace of Beast as I have of Men + Monsters, I just find Akilas so amusing that every time I go to the site I end up reading Men + Monsters again.


Is it weird that I just adore how Aero draws his characters tongues? I think I might be revealing too many personal fetishes in this post

I love finding amazing webcomics like this one and showing my support for the artists that go for their passions! Till next time I’m Mistress of Yaoi!



Killing Stalking – Season 3 First Impression

manhwa, yaoi

Sangwoo’s recent kindness in the opening chapters to the latest season of Killing Stalking could be his cruelest acts towards Bum so far, but I am seeing a lot of criticism from within the Killing Stalking fandom because of recent events. The story is going all lovey dovey and the author is giving into fans and going the romance route. The thing is Killing Stalking has always been it’s own twisted romance story, it just happens as I have said before be a very abusive relationship.

Abuse is not just emotionally or physically beating a person down. Abuse can also be moments of kindness used to control the victim in the relationship. One thing has become clear with the relationship between the two, Bum never reacted in the way that Sangwoo expected him too. This on some level I believe has made Bum a curiosity to the man and has also turned Bum into his new favourite toy. In learning more about Bum, Sangwoo is learning how he can hurt Bum more. He wants to keep pushing and pushing until something else breaks, but as he is doing so it seems something is changing within Sangwoo at the same time. Of course this is all speculation on my part at this point. I look forward to finding out what happens next in Killing Stalking, especially after that final line from Sangwoo in chapter 38…


OWLS Blog Tour Pride | My Brother’s Husband – Through The Eyes of a Child

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Welcome my friends, followers, and readers to the next stop on the June Blog Tour for OWLS, if you are following along you would have already read the lovely post from Zoey over at Let’s Talk Anime. If this is your first time here on Yaoi Playground, you can call me Mistress of Yaoi and I am your expert on all things yaoi and boys love! I have something extra special for the conversation this month. This is because this month’s theme is something that hits very close to home for me that being Pride!

In honor of “Pride Month,” we will be discussing the word, “Pride” and its meaning. We will be exploring pop culture characters’ most satisfying and joyful achievements or skills that they possessed and whether or not these qualities could be seen as a positive or negative aspect in their personal lives and/or society

For this theme, I knew right away what manga I was going to cover, a modern masterpiece in not just the manga world but also when it comes to LGBTQ+ media as a whole. First published Monthly Action magazine from November 2014 to May 2017 the story spans four volumes that have an English release of two omnibus volumes from Patheon Graphic Novels and was penned by the legendary Gengoroh Tegame, who I wrote about in a previous post. My Brother’s Husband is the first all audiences manga released by the homoerotic artist who up until releasing this story had worked exclusively on hardcore bara titles and when I say hardcore I do mean very very hardcore BDSM bara titles. My Brother’s Husband tells the story of single father Yaichi, his daughter Kana (who will be the focus of this post) and Mike Flanagan who is the husband of Yaichi’s estranged and recently deceased brother.

Screenshot (6)

This is a story that tackles a lot of powerful themes for the LGBTQ+ community. These include family acceptance and estrangement, coming out, attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community within Japan and self-acceptance. Yaichi never really accepted his brothers choices and through meeting Mike learns not just about his brother but also about what it means to be gay and that there is more to being gay than having sex with someone of the same gender. When Mike first arrives at his doorstep he does not know how to treat the man and is very standoffish to put it politely. Like many he see’s this stranger as a deviant because of his lifestyle. Kana on the other hand just see a cool new person to meet and the more she learns about Mike and her uncle she loves him like family.

It is not until the mother of one of her friends says her friend cannot meet her cool Uncle Mike that Kana begins to see the stigma towards people like Mike and her reaction is one of confusion. Why would someone who has never met Mike hate him? They don’t even know him! She sees him with such innocence, love, and curiosity. She does not hate Mike or finds him disgusting. Her reaction to this is just so pure that it made my heart melt, she simply did not get why someone would hate someone they don’t even know.

Screenshot (3)

Hatred towards others is something I feel a lot of the time is taught to children and this can be a very sad reality. I child is not born hating someone just because they are different. They see how those around them treat others or are sadly taught by parents, teachers, and guardians in there life that ‘these people’ are bad because they are different. I know I am oversimplifying a big issue with society, but just maybe instead of hating people because they are different we could do more to learn what we have in common with each other like Kana does with Uncle Mike and see that just because someone is different it does not mean they are a bad person and that you should get to know someone before you pass such harsh judgement on someone just for one aspect of what they are; whether that being gay, straight, male, female and everything in between.

Screenshot (7)

Thank you for taking the time to read my post on this months blog tour! Next up we have the wonderful Zel over at ARCHI-ANIME and I very much look forward to reading their post! Till next time let’s all love and respect each other!

Anti LGBTQ+ Commercials on LGBTQ+ Videos – WTF Youtube?


Warning: This post will have a lot of swearing, I am pissed!

A lot of LGBTQ+ YouTubers are pissed right now and so they fucking well should be. This post may come across as a rant because it was not a planned post for this month, but fuck it I need to write about this, because more people need to know about this and talk about this.

Now I first came across news of this through this YouTube video a week ago when one of my favourite LGBTQ+ channels, uppercaseCHASE1, who is an amazing YouTuber who has shared some amazing trans content on YouTube and tackled many important topics for the community including dealing with transphobia, what is dysphoria and many other amazing vids. In the video he talks about a previous video of his that earned a strike for inappropriate content (which is very questionable because I have never seen anything inappropriate by any means on his channel) which is making their videos demonetized and then considered not advertiser friendly. This is happening to a lot of LGBTQ+ YouTubers just for putting words like Trans and coming out in there videos and tags because these words are apparently offensive these videos become demonetized. Seriously. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK YOUTUBE! But then to add insult to injury many of these demonetized videos that still allow ads on their video, well guess what kind of ads they are getting?

These disgusting Anti LGBTQ+ plus videos and one of them even offers a donation link to their so called cause in the advertisement. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? As far as me and many others are considered these so called causes and adverts are nothing more than hate speech! People within the LGBTQ+ community go to these videos looking for support but instead before watching the videos get these disgusting ads telling them how sick they are? And the fact that this is continuing to happen now, in this month of all times in America is beyond disgusting. These wonderful creators on YouTube get enough hate as it is for just being themselves and sharing a voice that a lot of people try to drag down but now seeing these videos having these disgusting ads on them, it is just beyond degrading to these creators.

I will be keeping an eye on this situation and keep you my readers update. No I will not name the companies making these ads because that will just give them more traffic. I’m Mistress of Yaoi and I am pissed that I had to write about this this month.