Lady of The Night – Animation Review



Lady of the Night is an animated short film I have wanted to write about here on Yaoi Playground for a good couple of months now. It is a tragic beauty of an animation I first happened upon a section of on YouTube a couple of months ago. To be exact the part I came across was the musical performance part of the animation and it left me wanting more and when I found out that this song was part of a slightly longer short animated film, well I just had to make it my mission to find out more about this amazing animation.



What I found was something truly amazing. A heartbreaking story about love at a time when such love was not accepted. A story of making the choice to act in the way society expects us to act, to deny and hide who we really are to avoid more than just being scorned by those around us. At times denial of self has to be done for the very sake of self-preservation and survival in a society that would not accept us otherwise. It is a painful truth that even today many must endure.

These are all themes that have held strong within the LGBTQ+ community for so long now.  To think that in this day and age one can be punished or even put to death for the act of love. To think that in this day and age that just because you are not deemed what ‘society’ deems as normal you are suddenly some dangerous deviant that must be taken out of society to protect others from your harmful influence or worse you are labeled as a predator and put in the same classification as such people. What is even classed as normal in this time where there seems to be some kind of social revolution going on every other day? What my parents’ generation thought of normal and what my own think is normal are so far different it’s almost impossible at times to compare some aspects of modern society with that of society fifty or even twenty years ago.

One of the other themes the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. I must confess that American History is not a subject I know a lot about, you know with the whole being an Australian thing. So I decided to read up on it and from what I have read it came down to basically if you were openly gay you were not welcomed in the military unless you did not act gay. So basically you had to act straight to be in the military, I think? That’s what I got from what I read about it. If I am wrong in my conclusion please let me know. But if I am right this is just another example of having to pretend to be something you are not just to be accepted by those around you.

This animation gave me a lot to think about once I started looking into its themes and if you ever get the chance to watch this animation bring the tissues because this is one story that may hit a little too close to home for some. It will make you smile, cry and be angry all within it’s short run time and that to me is an example of some very powerful storytelling.

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