Fanfiction Rec 17 – Resonance

Warning this fic and review will contain Undertale spoilers. Now that that is out of the way I know I am late to the party but Undertale; or to be more exact the Undertale Multiverse is my latest yaoi fandom obsession and I have found a fanfiction that is a pretty awesome introduction to the multiverse, or at least it was kind of my introduction that had me searching out each of the different versions of Undertale featured within its many chapters, that fic being Resonance by Kamari333 . Yeah, this is another long-running fic, at last count 50 chapters and still going. It also features, fanart (the featured image for this post is by insomniacfrenchtoast). A spin-off fic called Resonance: Waves, which tells a different perspective of certain events throughout the original story, think of it as bonus material. An Ask Blog with the characters over on Tumblr and even…. a fanfic based on that blog by me! Yep, I wrote a fanfic of a fanfic just for fun! I titled it The Tease Red Club after some fun on the Ask Blog! But what is it about this fanfiction that has me and many others so much in love with it?

Before continuing I must confess this is one fic that is not completely yaoi, there is mention of non-yaoi relationships throughout the fic, but the yaoi scenes that are found within are quite enjoyable which is why I have decided to recommend it here on Yaoi Playground. Plus there is the fact this fanfiction was kind of my gateway into the multiverse side of the Undertale fandom that when looking in from the outside can be very daunting with just how large it is, then there are all the overlapping ships between different iterations of the Undertale universe, well things can very quickly become confusing. Resonance, however, makes the journey into this side of the fandom an fun and easy ride almost by having its story start in the one place any Undertale fan, the end of a genocide route in what is referred to by many as the classic universe, the one found within the game, except Sans is not dead. In the midst of this a strange occurrence within this universe and five others have two different versions of Papyrus and three other versions of Sans end up in the original Undertale universe and at first, they can not get back home.

The most interesting thing I about this fic for me is it’s feeling of growth, from its world building through traveling to other dimensions to its character growth that draws you in and makes you want to root for the characters within. The story starts off on a very depressing note and a lot of the characters introduced come across as very one dimensional, but as the story grows alongside other aspects such as the ask blog and spin-off chapters within Waves, there are some really entertaining and amusing character growth moments. Even though this is a fanfiction working with both canon and fan-created characters in Kamari’s writing you can really see them making the characters their own. Now when I think about Underfell Sans, for example, I can not help but have my first thought go to the version in this story nicknamed Red. Then there is the comedy that is spot on for a character like Sans. I hope you like your puns as much as he does because there is a skeleton of them within the fic. Sorry, could not resist that one.

This fic opened up a world of amazing Undertale fanfiction as well as blogs, the truth is I probably wouldn’t have started looking up tags like fontcest until I read this fic, plus you know it must be good if I wanted to write my own fanfiction gift for the author. I haven’t written anything fanfiction wise for over a year but this fic inspired me to start fanfic writing again.


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