Anti LGBTQ+ Commercials on LGBTQ+ Videos – WTF Youtube?

Warning: This post will have a lot of swearing, I am pissed!

A lot of LGBTQ+ YouTubers are pissed right now and so they fucking well should be. This post may come across as a rant because it was not a planned post for this month, but fuck it I need to write about this, because more people need to know about this and talk about this.

Now I first came across news of this through this YouTube video a week ago when one of my favourite LGBTQ+ channels, uppercaseCHASE1, who is an amazing YouTuber who has shared some amazing trans content on YouTube and tackled many important topics for the community including dealing with transphobia, what is dysphoria and many other amazing vids. In the video he talks about a previous video of his that earned a strike for inappropriate content (which is very questionable because I have never seen anything inappropriate by any means on his channel) which is making their videos demonetized and then considered not advertiser friendly. This is happening to a lot of LGBTQ+ YouTubers just for putting words like Trans and coming out in there videos and tags because these words are apparently offensive these videos become demonetized. Seriously. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK YOUTUBE! But then to add insult to injury many of these demonetized videos that still allow ads on their video, well guess what kind of ads they are getting?

These disgusting Anti LGBTQ+ plus videos and one of them even offers a donation link to their so called cause in the advertisement. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? As far as me and many others are considered these so called causes and adverts are nothing more than hate speech! People within the LGBTQ+ community go to these videos looking for support but instead before watching the videos get these disgusting ads telling them how sick they are? And the fact that this is continuing to happen now, in this month of all times in America is beyond disgusting. These wonderful creators on YouTube get enough hate as it is for just being themselves and sharing a voice that a lot of people try to drag down but now seeing these videos having these disgusting ads on them, it is just beyond degrading to these creators.

I will be keeping an eye on this situation and keep you my readers update. No I will not name the companies making these ads because that will just give them more traffic. I’m Mistress of Yaoi and I am pissed that I had to write about this this month.


15 thoughts on “Anti LGBTQ+ Commercials on LGBTQ+ Videos – WTF Youtube?

  1. The irony that lgbt videos gets anti-lgbt ads is just… well, jokes on the advertisers though, they literally put money in the pockets of those they hate. I don’t think they are very happy with this either. It’s all in the algorithm. What is way worse and more concerning is the fact that YouTube chooses to demonetize, age restrict and even take down videos just for being lgbt and especially trans. I have watched a fair amount of the videos that have been targeted and there is no way they should be cut of from being monetized or age restricted. An informative video about what trans is? Oh yeah, really scary.

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  2. This makes me so sad! As someone who watches a lot of YouTube it breaks my heart to see all this kind of stuff happenings. I’m honestly so tired of what YouTube is doing to people at this point. The fact that there are even anti-LGBT ads playing is insane. I didn’t know that even existed on YouTube. I hate how LGBT channels as well as others trying to educate about “inappropriate” things are being boycotted in this way! The videos are here to help people out and help people learn and feel less isolated and the fact that the platforms algorithm is messing everything up is disgusting!

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  3. I think it’s very sad that I’ve to hear this…. I don’t know why people don’t care… I’m glad you write about this. They’re human beings and they’re treated worse than animals in the society and if people think THAT is inappropriate, I think they should upgrade their own personality and not blame people who are trying to make a change. Learn how to accept people the way they are❤️ I’m very pissed after hearing this… I just can’t tolerate narrow minded people… Are they hurting anybody? Are they killing people? Are they making Your life miserable? Then why the homophobia/biphobia/transphobia? Personally, I don’t think it makes sense… I’ve posted recently about the pride month. I usually get 40 to 50 likes on every post. Even if it very simple. For this, I got 10 likes. Ten? I used a lot of words. I I won’t let people be marginalised for who they are. don’t care what people think. Thank you for this lovely post! Lots of love💜

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