Awesome Youtuber – Queer Fudanshi

Queer Fudanshi – Bringing LGBT media to deserving fans is the tag line of this awesome Youtube channel and due to recent disgusting events on YouTube I would like to feature a queer positive channel right here on Yaoi Playground for Pride Month. There are so many channels I could have chosen from but in the end I had to go with this fellow yaoi fan and proud fudanshi! I have been subscribed to Queer Fudanshi since late 2016 and it is a channel whose new uploads I always look forward to watching, when they do arrive in my subscription box. Seriously hate it when stuff I am subbed to does not appear in my subscriptions it’s why I follow a lot of my fave YouTubers on Twitter or other social media so that I don’t miss out on new uploads.

Devin Jackson Randall is the amazing man behind this channel that covers all sorts of queer media sharing news about upcoming or recently released tv shows and video games and of course yaoi news and announcement. Many of his videos talk about representation in the media from a black gay man’s point of view and this is what I find most fascinating about his content because this is a point of view I do not see represented that often and through his channel he is giving the representation to the next generation that he did not see for himself when he was younger and that right there is beyond awesome!

Finding those within your own community that you can identify with can really help those trying to find where they belong in this world and make us not feel so alone and I would like to think I myself provide this to my fellow yaoi fans as when I first came into the fandom over a decade ago now yaoi was hardly ever talked about. Now I see so many people talking about the genre and it just makes me smile so much!


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