What Happened to the Wotakoi Reviews?

I have been putting off answering this question for a while now. I was so busy last month with final edits of my Pride Month posts that I just ended up falling behind on my episode by episode review of Wotakoi. Then I just stopped watching anime for a fortnight because I just felt burnt out on seasonal anime and after those two weeks I spent three days marathoning the first 100 episodes of One Piece because… well I don’t know why I did that one other than the fact that my only other sibling who watches anime really loves that series.

It did help me come to a conclusion, episode by episode reviews of a currently airing show are just not for me. I will be doing an overall series review of Wotakoi at some point in the future, and writing of the future you might have noticed some minor changes here on Yaoi Playground recently. I have been doing some editing and polishing of older and newer posts because I have an announcement I will be making later next month. I hope this little post has cleared up some questions you guys have been asking me. Till next time. I’m your Mistress of Yaoi.


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