July 2018 Update

Last month was beyond amazing here on Yaoi Playground and I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who helped me with my posts last month and to those who read them thank you to you as well! Stand out posts from last month include the following.

borther_husband_featOWLS Blog Tour Pride | My Brother’s Husband – Through The Eyes of a Child – I have taken part in the OWLS Blog Tours for quite a few months now and this has to be one of my most favorite posts I have written for them so far. In this post, I explored the difference in how a child might see a gay person compared to an adult and why acceptance can sometimes seem to come more easily to children and why that might be.

img_20180615_2003012025310341.jpgKilling Stalking – Season 3 First Impression – KIlling Stalking has returned for a new season and it is once again tackling some very hard to talk about themes and if the chapters that have come out since I wrote this post are anything to go by things are about to take an even more disturbing turn.

MM Ch4 Pg29 copy Patreon panelMen Plus Monsters – Webcomic Review – A review about an amazing gay positive monster smut webcomic that is completely consensual something you do not see often within monster smut and a welcome change in my opinion.

anime-hotspot-hourou-musukoWandering Son – Anime Review – I am so happy I finally sat down to watch this anime as it was one of the most rewarding experiences I had leading up to last month and it was awesome to write about an anime that tackles the issues of being transgender as something more than a punchline as it can be in anime.

As for this month, well it won’t be themed like the last two months but that doesn’t mean I do not have some awesome content on the way. Haru Wo Daiteita won the latest review poll over on twitter so you can expect a review of the anime OVA in the next few weeks and I will definitely follow that up with a review of Winter Cicada. I can not review one without the other given the connection those two series have.

It is still hard to believe we are past the halfway point of this year, it sure is going fast. Till next time, I am your Mistress of Yaoi.


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