School Days – Secretly Brilliant?


Hard to believe it now, but this was the first review I ever worked on for Yaoi Playground and it was not even yaoi related. Yes, I posted This Boy Caught A Merman review first but this was the first post I worked on and I am still really proud of how it turned out!

Yaoi Playground

So we have an anime based on a popular visual novel game series that is infamous for its bad endings… So the question I must ask is ‘What were you expecting from an anime adaptation of the series?’

When people talk about anime adaptations of visual novels most people will talk about animes like Kanon, Air or Clannad. Stories that pull at your heartstrings but in the end there is a happy ending, I mean it’s an emotional journey but you get there in the end with your emotions mostly intact.

But what if those happy true ends are not what the fans of the series enjoy? What if they are after something that delves into the darker side of romance? Emotional abuse to the point of a psychotic breakdown, moral standings that quite frankly just are not there and the emotional journey of growing up and having to learn…

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