Dramatical Murder Western Release Announcement!

I’m sorry I am a little late to the party on this announcement but July 4th, 2018, Jast Blue made the announcement on Twitter that they will be officially releasing an English version of cult classic cyberpunk yaoi classic game Dramatical Murder with a simple post simply saying coming soon. This is huge news for the western yaoi community who has for many years had a cult following of the Dramatical Murder games with many English patches for the games being shared amongst the community.


To those who have not heard of Jast Blue, they are a western company that specializes in bringing the best of BL to the west and have previously announced there work on a western release for yaoi game Sweet Pool another game by publisher Nitro+chiral and personally I hope they continue to release more games from this company and would love to eventually see releases for games such as Togainu no Chi. Are there any yaoi games you would love to see get an official western release?


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