Yarichin Bitch Club – Episode 1 Review


One of the most anticipated anime OVA’s for the yaoi community this year and that is saying a lot considering we have even more coming up this year including Dakaichi (Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu) to begin streaming at the beginning of October and the announcement earlier this year that Ten Count will be getting it’s very own anime adaptation it truly is a joyous time to be a fan of the genre.


There has been a lot of hype around Yarichin Bitch Bu since the announcement of the anime and the hype only grew more and more with each trailer being released. As I wrote in my review of the manga, this is a hardcore yaoi story that has more to it than just hot boys getting it on and it is the characters that have made this manga so loved amongst fujoshi and fudanshi alike. To do these beloved characters wrong was my biggest worry going in to watch the first episode. Would they be able to capture what makes all these characters so appealing? All the voice actors capture the characters perfectly and I have to give special props to Takuya Satou who has perfectly captured the spirit of the enigmatic fan favorite of the Bitch Club Yuri! Yuri was the one character I was worried they would not capture completely because of how wacky and out there with small moments of something truly beautiful. It was going to take the right actor to capture him and they have done it, not bad for the first anime outing for new studio Grizzly.


A new studio to the anime game they have stated on their official twitter the following…

“At GRIZZLY we aim to set ourselves apart as the world’s first studio specializing solely in BOYS LOVE anime. Beginning with OGERETSU TANAKA’S “YARICHIN☆BITCH-BU” we will focus our energy into sharing the genre of BOYS LOVE with a global audience.” 

And this is exciting news for all yaoi fans. An anime studio that will be specializing in Boys Love? Hell yeah, we will be supporting you 100% GRIZZLY. Please don’t let us fujoshi and fudanshi down!

This first episode covered the first few chapters of the story and I will admit if I had one complaint about this anime it is that it’s pacing is very fast to the point where some of the more serious moments seem to fly by almost too fast. For the comedic moments, this fast pace works perfectly and I was laughing almost all the way through my first viewing at the antics of the photography club and its members but the few more dramatic moments except one seemed to just fly by. For example, Toono’s worry about the time limit to end of the month orgy seems to dissipate way too quickly, and it felt like in the manga at least that this hung over his head far longer, though if you have not read the manga you might not notice this completely.




English Website for Upcoming BL Anime Launched with News!


Upcoming Boys Love anime Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu has had its own official English website launched by Aniplex America and this site holds all the news and information you need to know for this upcoming anime. This includes character bios, Plot synopsis, information about the cast and staff involved in the project and most importantly streaming info and possibly could be streaming the anime itself. I’m not entirely sure how the streaming side of this will work as I have not seen this done on an animes official site before but if the site is offering official streaming of the upcoming series it seems we will know by October 5, 2018, which is when the series is set to premiere.dakaretai_otoko_1-i_ni_odosarete_imasu_7697

To see some of the more niche anime genres streaming there own content through company sites does make sense to me for as popular as boys love has become within anime it is still very niche with a small audience within a small community. Still seeing the rise and growth of the genre I love so much, especially in the past year alone has put such a huge smile on my face. From companies like JAST Blue announcing the localization of popular yaoi games such as Dramatical Murder to the successful Kickstarter of an English yaoi game by yaoi press it just goes to show this is a community that will continue to grow.

OWLS Blog Tour Self-Care | Ten Count – Self-Care is not a Selfish Endeavor

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Welcome to the next stop on this month’s OWLS blog tour, if you are following along this month you would have already read the wonderful post from Mel! It has been a while since I last took part in an Owl’s blog tour, and I missed taking part in the tours I really did. So to my new followers who may not know about OWLS we are a group of bloggers who do monthly blog tours where we all write posts based around a monthly theme. OWLS bloggers work hard on these posts to share positivity and acceptance to everyone no matter where you are from or who you are whether that be gender, sexuality or religion. We love to share positivity with the blogging community through our shared love of pop culture. This month’s theme is one that has hit close to home for me and as soon as I found out what it was I knew exactly what the subject for my post would be and which wonderful yaoi manga I wanted to write about. This month’s theme for the blog tour is “Self-Care”.

In favor of positivity and good mental health, we will be exploring the importance of self-care. Sometimes, we are lost in our thoughts and emotions that it can cause a negative impact on our lifestyle and our relationships. For this month’s topic, the OWLS bloggers will be exploring the mental health of pop culture characters and how their mental health affects their environments. We will explore the dangers of mental health illnesses and how it might lead to self-destruction and/or how one has the power to overcome their demons. In addition, we will share our personal stories and struggles about mental health and discuss positive ways in handling mental health issues.

I have chosen to write a post inspired by the yaoi manga hit, Ten Count as such there will be minor spoilers within this post for the first few chapters of the manga. Other than those first few chapters there will not be any spoilers for the series. I will go into more depth for the manga when I review it.


Even in this modern day and age mental illness can hold a harsh stigma for many people. Yes, it is not as bad overall as it once was. In the mind of someone who suffers from any kind of mental illness, it can still make them feel like a pariah. Even if those around them do not see a person that way. Perception is reality and if this is how they believe the world sees them and the sad fact is that they believe it to be so and because of this they will do everything in their power to hide their mental illness from those around them, and this can include avoiding getting treatment. This is because even though someone might be suffering internally they do not want to be a bother to anyone around them, they have found their ‘comfortable place’ in life. They are suffering but (in their mind at least) they are not causing any suffering for those around them so in their own world that is ok, but it is truly not ok a single moment or bad circumstance can rip that comfortable place away from a person. This is the position we find Shirotani Tadaomi in at the beginning of Ten Count.

Shirotani suffers from obsessive-compulsive-disorder that has manifested itself into mysophobia, though you might know this better as germaphobia. Everything around Shirotani is dirty and he hates it, but he has a career as a corporate secretary and has his own way of doing his job that keeps him happy as well as those around him. Others might see him as strange but he works hard not to bring attention to himself and as long as it does not affect anyone else he knows he can just cope with it. Even if his hands are a mess of wounds and cuts from constantly washing them with alcohol, it’s ok he will just cover those horrid hands with gloves. But won’t wearing gloves all the time draw attention? Well, that’s ok, whenever he goes out he wears a suit and the gloves don’t look out of place when he wears it. As long as nothing breaks his status quo he can go on living like this, but life is not that simple. It never is.


An accident one-day involving Shirotani’s boss changes everything. He is put in a situation where the only way to save his boss is to touch him and he can not bear to do it and so watches on in horror, lucky for him someone else comes along and saves his boss. The whole situation, however, frightens Shirotani but he still even then does not want to reach out for help. The hero who saved Shirotani’s boss, however, turns out to be someone who recognizes Shirotani’s condition and offers to help him.

Whether it is asking for help or accepting help when it is offered can be one of the most difficult questions when dealing with mental illness, believe me I know. I have grown up with ADHD which I was diagnosed with at a young age. I know those looks that people fear because I have been seeing them all my life. Those looks of…


‘Oh they are strange’

‘What is wrong with them?’

‘Why can’t they be normal like everyone else?’

‘Are you an idiot?

‘How do you not know that at your age?’

Hell, I have even had those questions going around constantly in my head at night while I lie in bed finding it difficult to fall asleep, trouble with regulating sleep is a common side effect of having ADHD that not many people know of. So I got to the point that when I met new people I would not tell them, even when it came to starting new jobs. Hiding this, in the long run, did not help me because I began to get a reputation of being unreliable. I was reluctant to reach out for help because when I was ‘helped’ when I was younger all that was done is I was put on medication that zonked me out. I don’t regret being on meds when I was younger because they did help, but when I reached the age that I could make my own decisions based on my treatment my first decision was to go off those meds because I did not like how they made me feel numb to the world.

I wanted so badly to ‘fix’ myself at least in the eyes of those around me. I did my own research into ADHD and learned how to control certain aspects through diet and exercise and I took control, but every time life threw me a speed bump my status quo would shatter and I would find myself spiraling. Recently I hit one of the hardest speed bumps I have ever hit in my life and I bottled it up because I did not want those around me to worry. I did not want to be a burden to those around me and over time those feelings grew into something very dark that began to scare me more than I had ever been scared in my life. My anxiety skyrocketed and at a moment of weakness I reached out to family and loved ones and I finally asked for help. It was not an overnight fix and is still ongoing but as I learned as I began to get help for myself and to help myself I came to realize that self-help was not a selfish endeavor because it has improved my relationships with those around me. Helping yourself can greatly help those around you that you care about because if those around you that love and care about you see you suffering then they suffer too. This is why it is ok to ask to help and if it is offered it is ok to say yes.

I hope you enjoyed my post for this months blog tour, next up we have Marina from Anime B&B and I look forward to reading their post!

Two Beautiful Boys Love Anime Get English Releases

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It is not that common that boys love and yaoi anime get a release to the western market and it seems even rarer that these series get an English dub, and even rarer still that these anime get a good dub when they are… Gravitation. Western releases of Boys Love anime has increased however over the last few years and has become a lot more accessible to the western market with legal streaming sites such as Crunchyroll and Animelab (an Australian and New Zealand anime streaming service) adding series of this genre to there catalog to be viewed.

Upcoming western anime localization and distributer Kuma Holdings is a new company I only just this week found out about so the news I am sharing from them is a little old but worth sharing none the less. They have gained the license to two very beautiful boys love series that I personally think are greatly under-rated by the BL community in the west. These titles are This Boys is a Professional Wizard and This Boy and This Boy is Suffering from Crystallization. The first of which has already been released with an all-new English dub!

This trailer is absolutely amazing and the dub sounds so awesome, it truly sounds like they really captured the essence of our main characters. The anime sadly does not have a physical release yet but is available for purchase through both Amazon and Itunes. I personally look forward to supporting Kuma Holdings in the future and so far look forward and hope that perhaps they will pick up more BL anime in the future, perhaps even some old classics that have been lost to time.

Yarichin Bitch Club – Manga Review


Who knew joining the photography club at his new school, would be such a bitch?

With an upcoming anime about to be released this month, I think it’s about time I reviewed this popular yaoi manga that like it’s characters has more beneath its surface than the pervertive antics of Mori Mori Private School’s photography club. First-year student Toono has recently transferred to Mori Mori and learns that it is mandatory for all first-year students to join a club. Toono does not consider himself a very athletic person so decides to join the photography club, hoping to spend time relaxing and taking pictures. Upon joining he walks in on the club members trying out their latest toy on one of their own, and the toy is a vibrator. Toono has walked into a club filled with crazed perverts who tell him if he does not lose his virginity within a month of joining the club, then he will have to lose it in a club-wide orgy with his sempais! On the bright side at least he has made a new friend with one of his new classmates who seems to be the sweetest boy in the school.

There is a lot of hardcore yaoi scenes in this manga and I mean a lot of hardcore sex, and it caters to quite a few different fetishes as well. From toys and domination to cross-dressing and more. This is a manga that with its appealing character designs and art style could have easily become a hit amongst fujoshi if it was just simple porn without plot yaoi. What we get however is a manga that at times can have these amazing in-depth character moments that can really tug at your heartstrings, then pull you out of that emotional moment with one of the characters either saying something perverted or Yuri showing up and just being his random self. It is the characters that make this story something more, they are not just tropes they feel like real characters. I have not gone into detail about these characters because part of the fun of reading this manga is getting to learn about all of them. I will say this though, my favorite character is Yuri and he is just way too precious!

If you are looking for a yaoi manga with hot hardcore yaoi scenes but also with an extremely engaging story or are just curious why so many fujoshi and fudanshi are excited about the upcoming anime set to be released on September 21 well you owe it to yourself to check out this wonderful yaoi manga!


Helping the #EDENproject Blossom


The best way I can introduce you, my lovely readers, to this awesome project is to share with you the launch trailer for this awesome project. Please watch the video all the way to the end and then I will tell you why it is so important for me to share my support not only for this awesome project but this awesome artist as well.

#EDENproject is the kind of project I can not help but love the idea of! From its amazing character designs and intriguing ideas, it is something that caught my attention the moment I found out about the project which is why I have already shared the video above on my twitter, but I wanted to do more to help spread the word of this project to other bloggers. So here is what I am going to do.

I would really love if you, my lovely readers could share the launch trailer video around or this post, you can reblog this post on your blog or share it on social media, the point is I would love to see this amazing project blossom and I believe it is something that would be awesome to share with the LGBTQ+ community.

There are not that many games out there aimed specifically at the LGBTQ+ community, though I have already shared one with you guys already. That being my review of Strange Flesh. I would love to see more games with diversity that is more than just filling a quota for certain fetishes of the audience. Of course, I won’t say this project does not have that, looking at the character designs you can see many different types of male characters here, but it seems to be more about representation than anything else and this is something yours truly cannot help but support.

So Hyped for Yarichin Bitch Bu and You Should be Too!


My current phone wallpaper is Yarichin Bitch Bu and my ringtone is Touch You the official Yarachin Bitch Bu Op! So yes, this fujoshi is excited for the upcoming release of this anime! This will not be a television broadcast safe anime I can assure you and there will not be a dry fujoshi once they finish watching this anime, if it lives up to the manga! (which I am reviewing this month!) But what has me so hyped? Well, to be honest, I was not that hyped at first and here is why.

I love the manga I really do, but loving a manga does not mean you are going to love the anime adaptation. A perfect example of this for me comes with the anime adaptation of my all time favourite yaoi manga. That manga was Sex Pistols and the anime adaptation Love Pistols was one of the most disappointing anime I have ever watched. So I was cautiously excited when this anime adaptation was announced. Then the second PV for the anime came out and a lot of my fears were put to rest! And a warning before you press play on the link below, it is not safe for work so put those headphones on!

The opening six seconds of this PV shows, they are going to go all the way with our favourite photography club and I could not be happier,

To keep up with updates on this upcoming anime I highly recommend following it on twitter and if you love the opening Touch You as much as me you will be happy to find out that it is on Spotify! With a full version and then various versions performed by the main cast in character!

Till next time, I am your Mistress of Yaoi!