So Hyped for Yarichin Bitch Bu and You Should be Too!

My current phone wallpaper is Yarichin Bitch Bu and my ringtone is Touch You the official Yarachin Bitch Bu Op! So yes, this fujoshi is excited for the upcoming release of this anime! This will not be a television broadcast safe anime I can assure you and there will not be a dry fujoshi once they finish watching this anime, if it lives up to the manga! (which I am reviewing this month!) But what has me so hyped? Well, to be honest, I was not that hyped at first and here is why.

I love the manga I really do, but loving a manga does not mean you are going to love the anime adaptation. A perfect example of this for me comes with the anime adaptation of my all time favourite yaoi manga. That manga was Sex Pistols and the anime adaptation Love Pistols was one of the most disappointing anime I have ever watched. So I was cautiously excited when this anime adaptation was announced. Then the second PV for the anime came out and a lot of my fears were put to rest! And a warning before you press play on the link below, it is not safe for work so put those headphones on!

The opening six seconds of this PV shows, they are going to go all the way with our favourite photography club and I could not be happier,

To keep up with updates on this upcoming anime I highly recommend following it on twitter and if you love the opening Touch You as much as me you will be happy to find out that it is on Spotify! With a full version and then various versions performed by the main cast in character!

Till next time, I am your Mistress of Yaoi!


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