Helping the #EDENproject Blossom

The best way I can introduce you, my lovely readers, to this awesome project is to share with you the launch trailer for this awesome project. Please watch the video all the way to the end and then I will tell you why it is so important for me to share my support not only for this awesome project but this awesome artist as well.

#EDENproject is the kind of project I can not help but love the idea of! From its amazing character designs and intriguing ideas, it is something that caught my attention the moment I found out about the project which is why I have already shared the video above on my twitter, but I wanted to do more to help spread the word of this project to other bloggers. So here is what I am going to do.

I would really love if you, my lovely readers could share the launch trailer video around or this post, you can reblog this post on your blog or share it on social media, the point is I would love to see this amazing project blossom and I believe it is something that would be awesome to share with the LGBTQ+ community.

There are not that many games out there aimed specifically at the LGBTQ+ community, though I have already shared one with you guys already. That being my review of Strange Flesh. I would love to see more games with diversity that is more than just filling a quota for certain fetishes of the audience. Of course, I won’t say this project does not have that, looking at the character designs you can see many different types of male characters here, but it seems to be more about representation than anything else and this is something yours truly cannot help but support.


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