English Website for Upcoming BL Anime Launched with News!

Upcoming Boys Love anime Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu has had its own official English website launched by Aniplex America and this site holds all the news and information you need to know for this upcoming anime. This includes character bios, Plot synopsis, information about the cast and staff involved in the project and most importantly streaming info and possibly could be streaming the anime itself. I’m not entirely sure how the streaming side of this will work as I have not seen this done on an animes official site before but if the site is offering official streaming of the upcoming series it seems we will know by October 5, 2018, which is when the series is set to premiere.dakaretai_otoko_1-i_ni_odosarete_imasu_7697

To see some of the more niche anime genres streaming there own content through company sites does make sense to me for as popular as boys love has become within anime it is still very niche with a small audience within a small community. Still seeing the rise and growth of the genre I love so much, especially in the past year alone has put such a huge smile on my face. From companies like JAST Blue announcing the localization of popular yaoi games such as Dramatical Murder to the successful Kickstarter of an English yaoi game by yaoi press it just goes to show this is a community that will continue to grow.


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