Dakaichi I’m Being Harrassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year – First Impression

The yaoi and boys love genre in recent years has been plagued with complaints within the anime and manga community for being problematic and triggering, and personally, I blame a lot of this on the rise over the last few years of the politically correct and SJW generation who are scared of their little feelings getting hurt. Yeah, I’m not a fan of all this politically correct bullshit that has swamped mass media in recent months and no matter what these people say I will never stop loving boys love and yaoi as my genre of choice. Why do I bring all this up now, during my first impression going into Dakaichi – I’m Being Harrassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year?

This was the first boys love anime title in a long while that I have gone in completely blind, as unlike the previously released Yarichin Bitch-bu, I had not read the source material and with a title like what it is, there was a small part of me that was slightly hesitant that this would be an anime all too similar to The Tyrant Falls in Love, a yaoi title that in the past I have mentioned just downright pisses me off with its story of a homophobe being raped by his friend because his friend has a crush on him and wants him to fall in the love with him. My worries that Dakaichi would be too similar to this title were not eased right away upon viewing the first episode.

We open on a very self-obsessed main character in Takato Saijou, who is very happy to be at the top of his career, but this all comes crashing down for him when he finds out while trying to give himself an ego boost by reading the latest listing for the worlds most huggable man, a title he has held onto tightly for the last five years, only to find out he has been pushed from his number one pedestal by an up and coming star. Enter, Junta Azumaya who has idolized Saijou and looks forward to working with the star, but it is more than admiration that Junta has for Saijou. He has fallen head over heels in love for the other man and like a beast in heat and he wants to make him his. Following classic yaoi tropes while Saijou is drunk it seems Junta has taken advantage of the situation or has he?

When Saijou says no initially Junta listens and what follows is a game of cat and mouse between the two men with Saijou not sure how he feels about the younger Junta, he does not hate the other man completely and one could definitely say that his feelings for the other man fit into the tsundere persona of anime characters. So far it seems each episode plays with different popular tropes within the yaoi genre, from using not so conventual items as lube and role-playing as high school boy and teacher this looks to be a series that will be very meta to anyone who knows the tropes of the yaoi and boys love genre and I look forward to seeing where this series goes this anime season.

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