The Cutest Anime of the Fall 2018 Season No One is Talking About

Now I have a confession to make, as I have grown older I will admit I find it hard to find the time to always stay up to date with the latest of anime, this is why I usually put a day aside when I can to veg out and catch up on some anime watching. For me, this as of late falls on either a Friday or Saturday. Being time poor I am always happy when I find those short little anime that I can put on and know will put a smile on my face. In the past, it has been anime like Gakuen Handsome which always had me laughing within seconds of that ridiculous theme song starting or This Boy is a Professional Wizard which within it’s short run time told a story of relatable loneliness and love. In the current airing anime season, I have found yet another hidden gem within the realm of the short run time anime series and it is the most adorable series I have seen in a long time.

This short run less than five minutes an episode anime tells the story of unpopular manga artist Daisuu who takes home a stray cat he finds in the rain only for that cat to turn into a very cute human, only he can not look completely human, his cat ears keep showing! This premise alone is adorable and each episode seems to outdo just how cute the previous episode was.

The web manga the series is based on is very adorable too!


Other than the following article on Crunchyroll’s website back in August no one is talking about Hey! Your Cat Ears Are Showing! Which is a shame because with all the dark anime I am watching at the moment with series like Banana Fish and Goblin Slayer putting on a short episode of this cute little anime is enough to make me smile. One of the big reasons I can put this down to is that very sadly it does not seem like this series has been picked up by any of the big legal anime streaming sites, so if you are not looking elsewhere to watch anime you might not know about it. Now I am not going to get into the argument on the legality of unofficial anime streaming sites but I will say this. I personally only use these sites when an anime I want to watch is unavailable to watch anywhere else and this can be for many reasons including what’s available to view in my region, heck I am currently paying for an Amazon Prime account just so that I can watch Banana Fish each week. Not every anime every season is lucky enough to be picked up by a streaming site. Especially when you a fan of a niche genre like, yaoi and boys love. I will fully admit I did not watch Yarichin Bitch-bu through legal means but this was only because there are currently no means for me to do so.

This is also however why I try to when I can afford it to buy anime on DVD when it is released over here in Australia and is a series that I really love, hence why I bought my copy of the Dramatical Murder anime a few months ago (a review of this series will be on the way as soon as I sit down and watch it again). Even though I was not the biggest fan of the anime when I first watched it the fact that a company over here released a boys love anime on DVD was enough for me to support them in the hopes that the company will in the future release similar anime.


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